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Anywhere a preponderance of silicone body parts congregate. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, etc etc. I've gotcha. Yeah, Jim does live in that part of CA where "things" really aren't necessarily what they look like. Nowadaze, that could be almost any body part from the front/top to the back/bottom of both cars AND drivers.

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Both my plastic clown cars are badged as if they were the real thing. The one on the right could hardly be farther, mechanically, from what it's aping. The engine's in the wrong end! But it dutifully sports the full compliment of "MG" badges despite having only about 12 or 15 ounces of genuine MG components. So far at least, MG purists have given little trouble, as I am always delighted to tell them exactly what the car is, in as much detail as they'll endure. It's not every day you see an MG TD with a fuel-injected Subaru engine mounted in the back!

And it probably helps that well maintained real-deal TDs change hands for about $15,000. The stakes here are very low, and no one with an interest in '50s British cars can afford not to have a sense of humor. It is for that reason that I also affixed the "Finzio's Sinclair" and "The Last Open Road" stickers to the fake gas tank.

The Spyder you know about. I made it to look as much like 550-0051 as I could—down to the fasteners for the Wendler badges—and so far, even the 911 guys seem to like it fine. I still harbor the hope that those very rare marque experts who encounter it will appreciate the effort I made to replicate the many parts not normally seen on our clown car renditions of the Spyder. Of course they will forever be invisible to most people.


Now I just need to fix the damn brakes...again.


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