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Once a month I get to walk up to the Starbuck Coffee shop for a car show. It's not big, 50 cars or so. It is dominated by Porsche, maybe 25% so it has my interest. I live in a community (Arcadia Ca.) that is 87% Asian so we have a lot of rich/spoiled kids who get Porsches for a reward from their parents for high scholastic performance.

Porsche is here but we get a lot of other interesting cars as well. Today was a surprise though. One 356 and a Hearse with a coffin in it. The interesting thing about this Hearse is that my Brother-in-law took his last ride in this one. The owner of it and the funeral home are owned by my Brother-in-law's best friend since High School !



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Yup Pierce College parking lot every Sunday ! I taught a couple automotive classes out there in the late 70"s There areHundreds of cars to see. They have special Sunday's where it's promoted to be for a specific make of car like Porsche, Corvette etc.  It's also where I found a buyer for my Speedster.  It will be fun to watch some faces and hear the comments when I have a plastic Spyder to display there in the future.

If any of you out here in SoCal are going to the Sierra Madre Collection open house next Thursday, look me up. I'm driving a white GMC Canyon these days.  Also I will have a sale table at the Porsche Literature, Toy & Memorabilia Meet, ("Lit Meet") at the  Hotel conference center in the LAX Hilton Hotel on Century Blvd next Saturday Feb 29. It's an all day event with tons of unbelievable Porsche stuff. Hard to find parts, books, badges, accessories etc. I will be selling my wind wings, sun visors, left foot folding footrests, door pulls and quick release front license plate brackets.  Greg from VMC loans me a windshield frame to display my visors and wings. It costs a little to get in but it's worth it just for the experience of seeing just how much stuff is available ! There are close to or more than a hundred tables both in the great hall and out in the lobby as well !

Bob Emory will be hosting  tours of his Outlaw Factory/Shop on that day also. Plenty of food and drinks last year and the shop is spectacular !.................Bruce

Robert M.......I remember those little one wheel trailers back in the 50's. They sold a lot of them until everyone found that they bounced like crazy and the wheel, being a giant caster wheel would wobble it's self to death if the wheel and tire was out of balance. They were great for backing up because they just followed the towing vehicle forward or backwards.  I think Sears Roebuck even sold them as a Ted Williams camping accessory.................Bruce

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