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Hard to tell from the pic.

that profile could be a solex... but I’m no expert.

typically 2013-2018 VS engine build used EMPI carbs, unless otherwise specified.  Depending on engine size they would use single barrel 34s, or dual barrel 40s.

attached is the empi catalog for reference.  You can scroll fwd/ back to see available models.

at the base of each carb, you will be able to see some markings stamped and/or part of the casting if you wipe down the carb ( remove dirt).  It will tell you manufacturer and size.  All manufacturers use a similar process to mark their carbs.

sample pics. May have to magnify pic to see clearly.





Images (3)
  • F7757825-D9AA-4A40-B342-F01AB6AAB06E
  • 1F5923E2-DCCD-4AF3-A05F-EF157C4A9DD8
  • 27F380EA-989C-4C7B-A8CF-FE855188E598
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Thanks everyone for the reply’s this has been a great help,I took the car in to have an electronic ignition fitted and before they could time it up they noticed a fuel leak coming from the linkage and dripping down to the spark plug and manifold.

the cars had a strong fuel smell for a while and been running rough and I’d put it down to over fuelling, I have to confess I’m not mechanically minded but seems I’ve dodged a bullit because it could have been a bit of a bonfire

It's never to late to lean basic mechanics, there is self satisfaction in being able to fix some things yourself.  Look for John Muir's "How to keep your VW alive" on eBay. Not only is it very well written in simple terms but the Author has a great sense of humor.

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