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I bought a carcapsule about 4 years ago and I never opened the box it came in. 

It sat in the basement and the corner of the box got wet but I opened the end and the plastic is untouched. 

I am wanting to sell it but I am not sure what to ask for it so look up carcapsule and see what you think. 

I am going to the USA so i could bring it and ship it from there. 

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Marty Grzynkowicz posted:

Ray, does ambient air temperature make a difference? Can it run in a garage that may get as cold as 35-40F 

Also what size do you have?

Essentially the concept is not to have any condensation on the metal so with continual air exchange you achieve a non rusty car. 

I have been working and keeping my car in a heated garage so I never used it but if you let the temp drop this prevents any rust ... it works in the humidity of Florida as well. 

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