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What a great bunch of guys up at Breman! Cary has gone above and beyond in helping  me out with my Beck.  It’s getting difficult  for me to remember dates and events now but Carey has helped me over the small Giant hills in the past years.  I still love getting out in my BRG Speedster and driving through the small communities here in Cobb county Georgia (Roswell and other coffee communities) and driving through the chair and table lined streets on a Friday evening and people standing and applauding as I rumble down the street in Suby powered Go cart with the worn out muffler. I keep telling people I’m 80 going on 30.  Anyway, age is raciing to catch up with me and I will be placing my Chariot on the auction block soon, much to my regret.  It’s been a heluva ride. Thanks to Everyone.

Meade Duckworth


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That is, in deed, a beautiful car, @Meade.  

People, in general, seem to love the look of our little toys.  I constantly see that when I do the occasional show or cars and coffee.  A couple will come walking along the line of cars, the guy interested in the cars while his sweetheart is along just to accompany him.  Then they get to a 356 and she seems to brighten up a bit, checks it out from all sides and the interior and then they start away.   But she lingers, giving it one last look before catching up with her guy, already at the next car.  Still, she turns for one final longing gaze before moving along.  

That is a lot of what these cars are all about.

They are rolling art, appreciated by everyone.

Especially by las Chicas.

Meade, man, I am echoing the comments about your car's beauty.  I'm not a woman  but if I passed by your car in a line of historical goodies believe me I would stop, gaze, drool, walk on at the bequest of my wife, stop, turn around, gaze some more, drop to my knees and plead with my wife to let me buy it!  And if she didn't, you've never seen the kind of pouting I can put out!

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