Great work Al and Ed!

Is this a new record? It's only December 11, and the Carlisle 2019 thread is on page 2!

$24 for an all you can eat barbecue? Heck, let's do that all three nights!

Amusing to me that what goes around ... comes around. Eat and sleep at the same place was a mantra for me back in the old New Jersey Replicar Club days. I never liked the idea of a car club encouraging enthusiastic adult beverage comsumption and driving.

Carlisle 2019    We're excited to be trying things a bit differently, the past has been fantastic and some change to keep it fresh is a good thing too ~

Hotel reservations at Courtyard by Marriott in Shippensburg PA. start January 1st ! This hotel has a larger Hospitality room huge lobby area, and full bar area and a large well appointed outdoor patio that seats 80 plus with a gas fire pit. 

You know, I have actually been thinking, off and on, of driving Pearl down to Carlisle for these grandiose festivities.  And then reality sets back in and I wonder if I might borrow Chris’ brand-new, 2019 tow vehicle and ride down in Sirius/XM/MP3/Podcast-A/C heaven with the comfort of no wind/noise and nicer seats.  None of this tinny-Speaker, Work-Van stuff of my Mid-Western “Brother-from-another-Mother” or something like that, but a nice, relaxing, ride, there and back.

I dunno........    This past driving season was the “Season that Rain Washed Out” so maybe looking ahead to a fresh season of Speedstah driving is in order.  What the heck!   Check back with me around February or so.

And Paul’s right.  Stay and eat in the same place (Like the Hotel Carilsle, not the Sunnyside) is the way to go, and it sounds like a super deal, for sure.  

Well I have to say that I felt pretty much like I was waddling on the show field as I waded between the makeshift mud soaked roadways.  I think it rained pretty much all the time the only happy campers were the ducks and even they were missing from the show field as well as most speedsters. 

I don't think any manufacturers showed up, it was just that kind of year.

To make up for it, I met a quite a few members that I had previously the previous two years.  Safety Jim and his buddy were down from Buffalo and we had some good times chatting.

I really hope we have a dry one this year

Gerd, make sure you bring Vince and go to Big Beaver and/or Beaver Falls(near and/or between Butler/Pittsburgh).

Personally, I'd come to Carlisle first via Baltimore/Wash airport, then rent a car and drive up to Shippensburg, about a two hour drive.

After the weekend you can drive out to Pittsburgh area and visit family. Then go home from Pittsburgh.

Or, family first, then car nuts.

Oh yeah, please bring that bastard Vince. Or leave him home. But it would be nice to see the three amigos on the east coast(since Jim and Ginny are a yes!), then I'll come visit youse guys out west.

I regret I can only like Mossberg's post above once. Here here.

Kind of like 3.5 days. We get there on Thursday and have a hello/where's my beer? session. Then we all go out to dinner somewhere, come back and party until the last man standing calls it a night. This seems to happen earlier and earlier each year unfortunately.

Friday and Saturday have a pretty full schedule. Sunday sometimes guys go to the Show field. Some people leave EARLY in the morning. Some guys leave around 11-12.

Lane Anderson posted:

Or you can fly into Harrisburg and be in Carlisle much quicker.  Note that we're actually all staying in Shippensburg this year.

Gerd, I am very much looking forward to finally meeting you after all these years.

me too Lane

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