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We won't know the deal for a while. Or if there'll be a deal. 

A lot of places and a lot of people have not taken the virus seriously. So here we are.

America has a drag racer's mentality. A monster truck mentality. If the race ain't over in 10 seconds we've grown bored and moved on, and now we're offended too. It's who we are as a society, and those of us who aren't like that all the time will just have to adjust.

Stay safe, my friends.

With our mutual border still being closed, and likely to stay closed for a while, I doubt if any of the usual suspects from north of the border will be there.  ALB could still fly in, though.

I suppose we could rent a transport car carrier, load up three or four speedsters, and claim to be 'essential workers', but we will have to see...


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Maddie and I will not be attending this year. We both feel that this country is in a tenuous situation that does not warrant taking the risk of traveling cross country, transiting states that push come to shove will not support the application of lethal force in order to protect our property and lives. One of the last places in this country we want to be is in Pennsylvania.

We wish everyone well and perhaps we will be able to attend in 2021.  


It's not going to surprise me if most people pass on going this year for one reason or the other. I don't know everyone but the group I do, I consider friends so Ron/Maddie/Tab.... Sad you aren't coming and I hope to see you soon.

I cannot do both Carlisle AND Georgia, they are too close to each other. The wife and I need a break and she can't make Georgia at this point due to how her PTO is requested. 

Stuck is probably the wrong word but it's Carlisle or nothing for us at this point. 

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

There won't be any contingent from Canada this year, either.  The border is still closed.

Even if the border does open (and I'm sorry to say I hope it doesn't for a while yet) I will not be attending.  Enough of your fair country (including some of your leaders) are not taking this pandemic seriously enough- your infection rates are skyrocketing, a good part of the population is so stuck on their personal rights being temporarily suspended  that they don't get what's best for the Country and the idea of flying in for the event, having to travel in close contact in 2 enclosed test tubes and make my way through 3 petri dishes with the potential contact of thousands of people is unacceptable.  I've even given thought to driving (my brother would jump at the chance of a road trip, meeting and telling you all about exactly how long this blasted pile of parts has inhabited my garage, and other embarrassing stories, but I've already told him it'll only happen after it's running) as I consider a number of you good friends, but it's just not doable. Not only am I worrying about myself (almost 64 and at this age a significant chance of dying); my daughter has Down Syndrome. One of the features is a compromised immune system so everything hits her just a little harder.  We don't know what this would to to Rae.

Those of you that do go- I hope it works out well and all these precautions are for naught. Ed said it best a while ago in another thread- let's hope we're all around after this is over and we're able to debate whether all these precautions were necessary or overkill. I am really hoping that 1 night we (over many drinks of course!) are ALL AROUND to participate in that conversation!  Al

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I’m from one of those liberal states that closed down early (mid-March) and got flak for it, then opened much later (mid-June) and got flak for that, but have a terrific governor and health system team that took the lead and worked their asses off to really lead us to what would work to flatten the curve.   That took a lot of the stress off of the Covid hospitals they set up, so we are now Slowly opening things back up and quickly backing off on that if the daily numbers show signs of weakening (currently showing 98 ICU hospitalized and 10-ish deaths per day).  Massachusetts is beating Covid, for now.
In some ways it’s been pretty tough, like not seeing/hugging the grand kids for four months, but we’re getting through it with Zoom and lots of mask and glove wearing, avoiding everything except neighborhood walks and evening rides in the Speedster and doing as little in-person shopping as possible.  And it’s not just us two - Everyone wears a mask in public around here.  Everyone social distances.  Everyone is conscious of elders and tries to keep us safe (our silver/white hair is a fast give-away).    We both have immune issues, although not severe, so we do this for two reasons; to protect us both and to protect others.  But there’s another reason for this caution;  Out in the world, we can never know who might be an a-symptomatic carrier that could infect us and kill us, so the third reason is pure fear on our part.

For that reason, Chris and I won’t be making the trek to “Summer Carlisle” this year, to protect both us and YOU folks as well.  Just imagine how bad I would feel if someone went to Carlisle and then returned home to test positive and died.  Is a car show worth that?  Not for me, it’s not.  

Carlisle 2020 Cancellation... After holding out as long as possible for Covid - 19 situation to improve and after much sole searching, both Ed and I have decided that in the best interest of health and safety to cancel our Carlisle 2020 event. This was very difficult decision. We are sure that this is disappointing to all  of our SOC extended family. There is just too much of a risk factor not only for the attendees but other members of our families and our other daily contacts.   Jeff Deitrick at the Hotel has already been notified with a 30 day notice by phone and email . Be sure to  call the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel desk that number is 717 477 0680 to cancel your reservations at your first opportunity .

Stay safe and we'll hopefully see you all for Carlisle 2021.

Alan Merklin & Ed Erickson

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Al & Ed, Thanks for making what must have been an excruciating decision. As you know, Bobbi and I are both down with COVID-19. SUCKS!! Next year will be a great time of reunion. Thanks for all of your efforts planning this years event. Next year will be twice as sweet!

Do we need to notify the Carlisle Registration Department to let them know of our cancellation?

Be safe everyone, and enjoy what remains of summer.


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I just spoke to a Carlisle events registration representative, and they offered to move my current 2020 registration forward to the Import Show 2021. Very simple! Anyone that chooses to do this will receive all of the appropriate substantiating paper work for next year's show, including windshield sticker in time for next year's show. No fuss, no muss! Taken care of, nothing more to do.

Hotel reservation already cancelled.


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Lane, contact them. Moving the registration forward to next year was the best and simplest option for me, since I plan on attending next year. I believe refunds are still an option. If you prefer  that option, contact them right away. A refund in light of the uncertainty of the COVID 19 would seem very plausible.

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Sorry to hear this, but I was about to bale out anyway.  We have relatives coming to visit in August from NYC and DC. I wasn't as concerned about us because we live out doors and get close to no one, and they are renting across the street ,but crossing 3 states and then getting one of my friends sick is something I can't do in good conscience.

Thanks to all the folks who organized this and we'll see y'all next year.

Sad but understood.  We will sorely miss everyone this year but will look forward to seeing some very special friends in 2021.

We are suffering from cabin fever super badly and have just finished a 14 day self-quarantine when the bass player and in our bluegrass and his wife tested positive band tested positive and he and his wife both have been in bed for a week so far.  They said it's like the worst case of flu they ever had plus the tiredness is incredible.  Stupidly at a gig at the track chapel on the 4th he walked in, stuck out his hand and I shook it.  Such a stupid move.  Alice and I never had symptoms but we were worried about it. 

In a few days we are taking a road trip to Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills with another couple  --maybe a one week deal just to get away.  Sturgis will be over but we'll take a side trip just to see the place. 

Hate missing Carlisle but next year for sure.

Wonder if Lane's car will be finished by then?


Missing you folks!----Jack

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