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Mark your calendar and start making plans now for Carlisle 2020.  I've just signed a Speedster Owners room contract,  this wlll be our second year staying at Courtyard by Marriot in Shippensburg PA.  The Thursday night BBQ Buffet was enjoyed by everyone,  so we'll be doing this again.  I'll be posting the hotel room reservation information soon with more info to come from both Ed and myself  ~



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Thanks for confirming the dates for Carlisle in 2020, Alan.  Gonna be a tough assignment to match the great time we had for Carlisle 2019 but I have no doubt that it will be sensational.

 Carlisle has been a major highlight of my year for 13 years now.  After  thirteen 2,500 mile round trips from Hot Springs for 2020, Alice and I will fly to Harrisburg and rent a car to participate next year.  I have always said that it's really about the great folks we visit with there annually and that part will continue for 2020.  The iron butt has worn plumb out after over 56,000 miles in the Speedster, and at age 81 at the 2020 Carlisle event who can blame me?  Can't wait to see everyone there!

Paul Mossberg posted:
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Lane wrote: “I've shown up in my BMW the last couple of years, and they let me in.  It's more an attitude than a real ownership thing.”

Gee......  I thought it was because you look like @Paul Mossberg’s brother.    

Wow @Lane Anderson. You must be getting younger. You used to be "dad."

Or you're not looking so good, perhaps? 

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