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Al, I know that the hotel reservations have been transferred to the new August dates. Thank you very much! My question is this. Do we need to do anything with the "Showfield Registration", or will that be automatically transferred to the new dates?


Everything ( hotel and Carlisle field reservation )is already moved to August nothing for you to do  !


'uge melon! Positively planetary! Like the Goodyear Blimp riding shotgun! 

Meanwhile, 'ere me lads is a conveyance for Civilized Gentlemen, as seen in 2018. But no matter the year; this is what always happens when I drive onto the Carlisle show field. IMG_1237

My MG bros get only slightly less attention from the ladies....IMG_1191IMG_1192

And here's Rick showing his fresh build in the hut (Beautiful women lusting after the shapely fenders just out of the frame).IMG_1208

"TD Replicas: We're cheap yet we still manage to class-up this joint."

Meanwhile, in Speedster land...


One last one from the hut in 2018. No idea what this thing was, but I want one.




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@DannyP posted:

How much did Stan's noggin slow down the mighty IM-6?

@edsnova posted:

'uge melon! Positively planetary! Like the Goodyear Blimp riding shotgun! 

 Exhibit A: Why I need "special" gear. If my legs were in scale with my torso, I'b be 6'6".

Note @Bob: IM S6 nestled comfortably behind the windshield of his mighty IM6, head 6-ish inches below the bottom of the rollbar. Then note where my inflatable forehead is in relation to both. It was a nice ride, but my nose was just about level with the top of the windshield.

It's not easy being a bear on a tricycle.



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Carlisle 2020 Update ...There has been some posts regarding our Carlisle event over on Facebook Speedster Owners.  I posted this :  All I'm going to say is Governor Wolf's PA can't financially survive a continued shut down and we all know the annual flu runs it's course . As of today, PA county's in the red phase are under a stay at home order through June 4th Counties in the red phase are expected to move to yellow by June 5th. Cumberland county ( Carlisle) is already in the yellow phase. So, let's be positive and look at our calendars and  plan accordingly. Carlisle weekend is over 11 weeks (80 days) out, a lot can and surely will happen between now and then. Let's wait, hold our thoughts and review at 14 days out...……….. Thanks

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I have been out of this loop for a very long time -- and I miss it.  What I really miss is the annual gathering.  And given the average demographic of all us active SOCers, caution is the order of the day.  Somebody said "proper precautions"  Hmmm . . . wonder what that means?  Yes we are 80 days out, and we will bide some time.  But I think we need to begin a discussion of exactly what we would do given that we do meet for this event.  That is, maybe we do some things differently. How does social distancing enter in to what events we may want to do?  What should we modify, or simply scrub?  What might we do instead?  I suggest that we run this around some NOW, and not wait for 14 days prior.  Already, as an example Piperato says he'd come to the hotel even if there is no event at the fairgrounds.  Well, I like that gumption, and dedication to the proposition.  I'd second that motion.  Over the years, the "Ofiicial Event" (hanging at the Saturday show field) has fallen down the priority list of cool things we enjoy doing.  So, options? Attitudes? Preferences?  Bring it on.

Disclaimer: in my absence, I have not read this whole thread, but rather jumped to the end and looked over the last few.  Maybe all this has been chewed already?? 

I really should reply to this one;



That's a really beautiful Speedster there.  The Maestro at work.  Further, allow me to say that this tweaking by the Weber Whisperer has remained in fine fiddle for going into its third year.  Danny once preached that once you get those stupid Webers set right, they work great without issue.  Well, predicting the future is always hard to do and is often a fools errand, but I'm going to say that I laughed when I first heard him say this, but I am now a believer.  I also knock on wood, just to be sure. I should say: I added a really good fuel filter to my system at the same time, and I can't deny that this may be having a good positive effect.  356 for ever.

Carlisle Breaking News.... Wednesday, Carlisle productions was sued by the PA Department of Health for having over 250 patrons at Spring Carlisle . The suit was headed to court today but a half hour before the court appearance  the suit was settled so Spring Carlisle and all the other car shows there this summer including our show will take place …. August 14, 15, 16th !

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