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Still time to sign up and show up y'all stragglers and fence-sitters.

During our time together I will expect some (or all!) of you to make various excursions and to facilitate that (in lieu of a strictly scheduled and regimented plan) I've mapped out a couple of country tours. These attachments are turn-by-turn PDFs and I'll see what I can do about making them google-map downloadable-to-your-phone links as well, for navigational ease.

Run One is a 94 mile, 2-hour+ riverside tour that takes us to and through some covered bridges up north and The Winery at Hunters Valley (they will be expecting our members throughout the weekend) before guiding us to the show field. All in all an excellent morning/early afternoon lunch ride.

Run Two is a 94-mile mountain road and brew pub option with a stop in Kings Gap park (nice overlook there) and a stop at Appalachian Brewing Co. in Gettysburg before bringing you back to Carlisle.

Both of these routes were originally conceived by Cory and Jeni Drake, by the way. I just dusted them off and did some minor re-routing to account for changes in the landscape. Obviously either route is amenable to alteration or reversal.


Ha! I actually had not seen that.

Yes, Gordon, technically Baltimore is located somewhere "around the world."

Yes, I wheedled my way into the display. It's got to be in place by Thursday at 5 PM so I'm going to be seeking a wingman (or woman) to escort me to the show field and then ferry me back to the hotel some time on Thursday. (Probably, weather-depending).

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