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In NY state, you need to be 60 plus for a vaccine at this time. I may be able to get an unused shot from a missed appointment, working on that angle. They could drop the age soon though and then I'm good. If they drop it low enough, Michelle can get one too LOL!

I called the hotel late this afternoon, but Charity had left. I'll call her again on Monday and reserve our room.

Seems they are changing information to suit needs. In the US, the FDA approved it based on two shots 3 weeks apart. I heard the same about pushing out the second shot so more people have some immunity versus less people with more. The equation was, 100 people in a house and you have 100 shots. Is it safer to have 50 people with 95% immunity (47 people safe) or 100 people with 75% immunity (75 people). Who knows if it's crap but with limited doses, it sounds like moving the goal post.

They are doing the same with schools. 6' distance until a few weeks ago, now 3 feet is safe. Schools simply don't have the sq. footage to do 6' and return all kids.

Not saying not true, just saying.

My wife and I spent January and February in Florida. We could have gotten our 1st shots there but couldn't get 2nds at home so we waited. Once home I registered with my county and received an appointment for April 24. That's two months after we got home.

Then we got a letter from our primary care physician's mega practice. I registered, received a response 3 days later and had an appointment 5 days after that.

My point, don't wait for the state, county or local municipalities. You have to take action. Sure eventually you'll get it but do you want to wait. I didn't. I live in the worst county in Maryland. AND, I wanted to come to Carlisle.

I work in a bike shop. The great state of North Carolina puts us under the same heading as transportation which makes us essential.

Most of us got our shots last week, then they ran out of them. I got the one and done. I signed up on line and the shot was given in a drive through and surprisingly fast and organized.

Most of us had some kind of reaction, fever, aches etc. I just got a little achy for part of a day. I got mine late in the day and everyone else got them in the morning. That might of helped??? Of course, I'm the oldest of our crew.

~ Carlisle 2021 Update ~      My wife Connie has stepped up and is working on possibly checking off yet another last minute check box for Carlisle , we're not sure if we can get this done tomorrow Monday, before we head out for ten days of warm sun on Tuesday. If not, we'll post after April 1st...In the mean time,.....CALL the Hotel and reserve your rooms ... ASAP.

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