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Pa is not associated with that pipe line that is down , so they say ...

MSN this AM ... “Colonial Pipeline is continuing to work in partnership with third-party cybersecurity experts, law enforcement, and other federal agencies to restore pipeline operations quickly and safely,” the company said in a statement. It plans to gradually reopen sections of the pipeline by the weekend. It is currently operating under manual control one line extending from North Carolina to Maryland

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That should have said ED in the first instance. I need another beer.🤪Sent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: "" <> Date: 5/16/21 7:08 PM (GMT-05:00) To: PCH <> Subject: Your Topic Reply received a like! == To reply by email, write above this line. ==New Like on Your ReplyYour reply to Carlisle 2021.... Save the Dates !:Glenn and I have landed safely and without any additional issues. Thanks again to Danny and Alan for the work. Thanks to David for the margaritas and thanks to Danny for the moral support.Liked by Lane - 356 Speedsters, 550 Spyders, Replicas and moreYou received this based on your notification settings. You can adjust your settings or unsubscribe anytime.------------------- Speedsters For Sale ------------------- ------- ------

Hey errbody!

Lane's arrival (Dude, where's my car??): VNXD7139

Paul and Glenn (or Greg, as I sometimes call him) near a covered bridge with a picnic table in it, pondering life's persistent questions:


Gravel roads and 550 Spyders just go together, I say!


In Danny P's Rolling Palace of Wonders, a quorum:


Beck courtesy car:




Too many interesting cars on the field, but among the home-built specimens drawing a crowd was this Manta Mirage the owner took 40 years to finish.


Dave Kumpf managed to bring his Speedster and his Cobra to the Marriott; Bill Ascheman has solved the cooling issues in his V8-powered MG:


I decided to wear my helmet on the ride home. Really pulls the room together, eh?


Thanks again, everyone, for a great weekend!


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