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Showfield weather for Carlisle for Saturday is pleasant temps in the upper 70's and quite humid (80%) so typical Carlisle "pop-up" thunderstorms may be possible.

After the rainy start yesterday, rain-free skies might be welcome.

At least Lane, in his coupé and the Merklins, in their Bimmer, will be dry........

(and Danny P, too, if he stays in his enclosed trailer)    

Not East Coast Bruce, though - He's a die-hard Speedstah Guy



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Thanks everyone who came to Carlisle this year it was some good times. Here are some of us arriving at the winery near Gettysburg.

IMG_8473Here we are at the battlefield. Those who had close contact with Kelly for more than 15 minutes ought to mask up for now and take a Covid test Thursday or Friday. IMG_8476

Frencamino was one of my favorites at the showfield. The owner said he made it in three weeks as a flower car for his mother's funeral.


Jim Vickers likes explaining how Mazda rotary engines work, even though this knowledge is actually lost to civilization.IMG_8484

They lined us up along the fence this year, and we filled out the space. IMG_8481IMG_8478

Thanks everyone for bringing stuff for the raffle and then ponying up for a chance to win it (and especially thanks to Greg Leach at Vintage for sending some nice door pulls). I was able to put $165 back in the club account to defray the cost of renting the tent and chairs, paying for salty snacks, etc.

As you all know, Alan is bowing out of his longtime role coordinating the hotel. Next year's situation is still developing.


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We had a great time. Even though there was a lot of worry about the weather conditions(mostly by people with tin-top cars???), it ended up being pretty decent. We drove the Spyder all three days.

No rain at all on Thursday, just a touch of spritz on Friday(but no problem as we were moving), and no rain at all except a couple tiny drops on the windshield on Saturday.20220514_130915

The MEOC(Mid-Engine Owners Club) went to the old Sled Works in Duncannon on Saturday, and Michelle and Karyn bought some old things.

We hit some Mexican dinner Saturday night with Bruce and Norma and it was GREAT!


Thanks for the fun folks! There were a few empty bottles of brown liquor marked as the only casualties of the weekend, and maybe a couple headaches...


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@Alan Merklin

My post was wrong? Really?  Well, I just went back through all of the photos posted on here and Facebook and saw not a single mask, anywhere.  Plus, all of the states immediately around Pennsylvania are seeing an upturn in positive tests lately, so it's not surprising that someone in your group went positive for Covid, and more will likely follow in a few days.  Did you really think you could go there and interact like it was 2019 and nobody was going to go positive for Covid?  Really?  The Gallos tested themselves just before they left for Carlisle, found themselves positive and stayed home.  We should all have a lot of respect for that decision.

Fortunately, while this is a particularly fast spreading variant, the symptoms reported seem to be relatively mild, compared to earlier strains.  It's beginning to settle down into something more like the Flu we've been dealing with for years.

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Well, if you think that was wrong or in poor taste, Al, I apologize to you.  

I certainly didn't mean it to be judgmental ( I posted it in jest) and after three long years of this nonsense I think a lot of people wanted to be there, and we who weren't there waited for the photos posted by you guys.  My sole point was that going to a large gathering of any sort right now is a crap shoot no matter where you go - Carlisle, Broadway shows, even baseball games.  You roll your dice and you take your chance.  

You folks all rolled your dice and went to Carlisle and from everything I saw, you all had a great time, so I'm happy for all of you.  Just test for Covid after next Friday to make sure you're all OK for those around you - That just makes sense to protect friends and loved ones.  You may get it and be a-symptomatic as a spreader.  Test kits are cheap.

I'm a strong believer in the power of pie to divert conversations away from topics that are nearly impossible to resolve over the interwebs.

Hot apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. You've got to time how fast you eat it to avoid burning your mouth and letting the ice cream melt into a useless pool on the dish. Not a simple problem, but one that requires many repeated attempts to solve.


Just travelling and stopping to a local gas station or other on the way can expose you to the virus if the area has it.  Omicron is air transmitted, and the data for cloth masks continues to show that wearing one is mostly theatrical but of course with freedom you get to choose.  I do think that if you have symptoms you should stay home as all fully vaccinated people can and are carriers so unless you are complete hermit, unfortunately, it will get you sooner or later

BTW I got the first strain of Omi- 2 months ago and recovered in 2 days, if there was ever a time to get a strain of the virus it is now, as it is the weakest strain ever but I do not know your risk factors.  IN any case Antivirals are available where you guys are and are able to reduce your viral load in the first days of being positive.

I mentioned it because, although I was pretty sure that I and Jeni and Cory had reached out to everyone who was there within a few hours of Kelly notifying us of his test, I wasn't 100 percent sure. So I figured it was best to put it here, in this thread, where folks who were present were likely to spot it.

I did not mention it to start a goddamn argument about covid protocols.

Wishing Kelly a Speedy recovery and hoping no one else comes down with symptoms.

Good health to all. I'll post my test results here later this week.

Well, if you think that was wrong or in poor taste, Al, I apologize to you.  

My sole point was that going to a large gathering of any sort right now is a crap shoot no matter where you go - Carlisle, Broadway shows, even baseball games or even cruises You roll your dice and you take your chance.  

Yep. I don't give much thought to the virus at his point with the exception of very large gatherings. When I go to a large gathering type event I don't do much more than use hand sanitizer. We have flown to another country, took the test to leave, but had a great time while we were there. Anybody who attends any event at this point are all willing to take the risk.

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