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Hi All,

I am sad to say that due to some family issues currently needing attention it appears I may not be coming to Carlisle this year. I have purchased a show field pass which I am not sure if it is usable by anyone else, but I am willing to donate it to someone that may want or need it. PM me if you are interested. My Magnum is still with Carey and the gang waiting to be finished and I was looking forward to driving my Lotus Evora to the event. The situation (not wife related lol.) may change and I hope it does, If so, I will let you all know. Cheers!

@edsnova posted:

Last call for a head count on the Friday arboretum and winery run. I need to know how many so I can tell Jim at the Moondancer Winery how many people to expect. so he can staff it.

Right now I got Cory and Jeni, Kelly F, me, Bill Ascheman, Paul and Glenn, Bruce and Norma.

I'm guessing a few more are likely. Please let me know asap.

Ed.  I doubt we will be there early enough on the Friday to join in, as much as we would like to.


Update and retrospective on Carlisle 2023.

From Carlisle Events: "You helped power a Showfield that notched 2,097 show cars and trucks, making this year's event THE LARGEST IPN offering of all time."

Here's Carlisle's official photo gallery. We are in there.

Here's the winner's list. Ken Decker's Speedster won 3rd place in the replicar category.

You can also take a survey if you want.

The show field was fairly busy on Saturday, despite a steady light rain. I know our club's display suffered from a few last minute scratches, from Cory & Jeni's two cars, to Paul's and Kelly's Speedsters. Several of our number parked elsewhere as well: Bill Ascheman's TD was in the race car paddock; Glenn's Z car was with the other Zs, Bob's IM6 went with the Porsche club. No matter.

Thanks to all who came!

I want to especially thank Jeni and @Cory Drake for securing Saturday's dessert. Also @Max Zimmer and Toni for last-minute utensils.

Special thanks to @PrickleyPete for inviting us to the Dune Buggy Club's Chili-a-thon. That was awesome!

And thanks to everyone who brought items for the raffle and bought tickets, especially @chines1 for the Speedster windshield and Mike Fincher for delivering it along with Jeni's new (ex Rich Drewek Ghia).

I don't know if everyone knows this, but I don't think it's a secret so I'll enter it here as part of the Official Record: @El Frazoo bought Rich's car and gave it to Jeni. A gift of a restored, Mendeola-suspended, big-engined red Karmann Ghia.

The car leaked a bit of oil on the way from Bremen so The Drakes and Fincher ducked out on Friday night & ended up working all day Saturday to replace the rear main seal.

The only other significant mechanical glitch was Ascheman's daily driver/tow vehicle, which dropped a spark plug electrode in one of its cylinders on the way to the show, resulting in what turned out to be catastrophic damage.

Bill's MG was otherwise well-behaved, as it remained stationary until Sunday morning, whereupon it pissed gasoline all over the concrete pad on startup. Fortunately for he and I both, that repair took only a few minutes.


Bank Run:


Chili with the Dune Buggies:


Breakfast: Dave Kumpf, Ken Decker, Dale Schumacher


Fincher, Kelly, Dale, the Ghia and the Hoopty (AKA "EZ-Bake Oven):





Swap Meet: suggestion for Grzykwxvczs's Alfa valve cover finish:



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"Bob's IM6 went with the Porsche club. No matter."

Nope.  Such blasphemy.  The trusty IM6 didn't make the trip to Carlisle, and what I was driving, ended up parked what seemed like ten miles away in the commoner lot.

I was too cheap to pay the full weekend price to walk around and sit in the rain for a couple of hours on Saturday, so I got shunted to the nether regions of the fair grounds.

But, it was good to be back at the Carlisle gathering, and reaffirm some long standing friendships. And that, my friends, is what this hobby is all about.

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