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Just a sub thread to this year's Carlisle thread. How many have valve covers ready to race? who is building?

I've decided to make a racer; Cory says he's thinking on it to. Anybody else?

For those unfamiliar, valve cover races are basically a pinewood derby. Two toy cars on a hill track that runs straight for about 40 feet. You win by having the straightest tracking car with the least rolling resistance. Here's a video @PrickleyPete posted a while back on the Carlisle thread showing the track under construction.

This one is sponsored by Acme. They're going to do a tournament and Carlisle and an actual series over the summer. All VW valve covers. They're calling it The Acme Cup.

Here's their website.

Times not yet announced:

The inaugural Acme Cup race will be held at the: Import and Performance Nationals May 13th. & 14th.

Located at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, Carlisle Pa.

This race is open to anyone who wants to compete.  Track location in the show, and race starting times will be announced at a later date.

Test and Tune will be Friday evening May 13th. (Starting time TBA)

The Acme Cup Race will be Saturday May 14th.

Registration/tech times TBA

Race starting time TBA

Rules are here.

Basically it's a 5 lb limit. I checked with Andy Burger (he's the point man on this; dune buggy guy Alan Merklin's known for 3 decades), and he says hard drive discs can be used as wheels under these rules. That's apparently a good option, as described by this video (check in at 2:00):

But you can also make them out of skateboards, roller skates; anything you want.

I've got some ideas for my build. I'd love to hear from those of you who have built and raced these in the past.

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VCR2022Swap meet? Ebay? Used steel are cheap.

Brand new steel, $10 each:

Empi sells a nice new pair of aluminum covers for less than $30.

There is this thing called a search engine....use it.

So, hard drive discs OK but CD or DVD not OK? The reason I ask is that the rules Andy posted clearly state that the wheel must be at least 1/4" thick and non-metallic.

@edsnova @PrickleyPete

I'm thinking about it, Ed.


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This is really going to be awesome.   The KEY(s) to having a competitive car, regardless of what kind of wheels and bearings you use.   

1.  Get it to the 5 pound limit, don't go 3.5 pounds.  Use the 5 pound limit to your advantage regardless of how much lead tape or tire weights you adhere to the inside of the cover.  Get it to 5 pounds so it passes tech inspection. 

2.  Make sure it runs straight.  If you hit the sides you will slow down.  If you use rubber wheels, make sure you put a cap nut as a "hubcap" so if it does hit the sides, it slides off - rubber wheels on the side will slow it down.    At the starting line, all racers get to position their cars then the gate goes down.  Unlike a pinewood derby track, there is no raised middle section to keep the cars in the middle.   This is like a wide "hot wheels track". 

As long as you have a clean run down the track you'll be VERY competitive.  Skateboard wheels, inline skate wheels, etc.   Just have it go straight and you'll likely be a winner or at least competitive.   This is a winning car, the green one, simple design.


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This was mine last year - VERY Fast, but if you notice the rubber wheels are out too wide.  If I would have had a round cap nut as a hubcap, I could have done better when I did hit the sides (after too many beers trying to line it up straight) .   I may run this exact same car - BUT shave the skateboard wheel off to curve it inward - lower the surface contact but eliminate the side areas to skip off the boards with a cap nut.   Skateboard and inline wheels and bearings are very good - its a matter of mounting them straight.

BY THE WAY - there will be a "Best of Show" winner as well with trophy.  Not a winner per se' but the best design overall.  I'd love to see a speedster body over top of a valve cover


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