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Wish I could. I added more than carpet. I can tell you I shopped the carpet itself and it came from the same manufacturer that Beck uses and it was about the same cost for that. Of course, there was labor too but instead of having to deal with a "kit", I got it cut for my car. 

From my yes to done took about two weeks. Finding a shop local to you should be pretty easy. 


@WOLFGANG posted:

$550  for carpeting from Vintage Motor Cars



$2000 interior vinyl 

$605 each seat

SO about $3155 for all bits 

Remember you need a kit for a VW pan based car --- not one for a tube based car or even an original Speedster.

About that.... and I covered the frame inside the cockpit with matching material to the seats + the custom floor mats + one where I step in and out. 

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