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Thanks for the spelling correction. I'll re-search it. 


Had to laugh my roadsters are blocked in by about anow that is 3' feet high by 10' feet deep because that garage is where I snow plow to. We do get about 100" of the white stuff here. Slow melt is very slow because of the cold snap.


Fifteen hours driving vs 5 minutes on the phone to ask about an automatic tranny they are advertising. At this point I think I'll trade 5 minutes if the phone rings going west to east. So far the lines must be down.


Joe, I'm one of the owners of CCW.  Feel free to hit us up with any questions you may have at  That goes directly to me and my partner Theo.  There have been quite a few forum members that have stopped by to see our operation and the reviews had been quite favorable.  We build Speedster, Coupe, 550 Spyder, 904/6, and 250 GTO.  I think you'd find that we produce a strong product with a bit more emphasis on high performance and Outlaw styling.  Our Speedster motor options are VW from 1915 - 2332, Porsche 356, 912,914 4 Cyl rear engine and 911 mid engine.  Also, Subaru 2.0 turbo and 2.5 with or without supercharger.  

Speak to Bruce about possibly presenting a slide show about the resurection of Thunder Ranch and your philosophy of doing business.  So far you have an impressive story to tell and this show and tell would really put you on the map.  I now I would consider a Carrera Coachwerks car if I were in the market--something I;d not consider before you took over and retooled the entire operation.


Glad you are coming to cAarlisle.  Lane is right---do attend the Sat dinner!

I seem to remember that one year we had a panel discussion that several of the builders who were present participated in.  That way, each one talked about their product and philosophy under the watchful eye of the others.  It worked pretty well as I remember.  Not perfectly, however. 

Tom the panel idea is a good idea.  I guess Bruce has some type of plan in the works.


I am impressed with what the new Thunder Ranch is doing, but I'd enjoy and support whatever Bruce comes up with.


New subject--it was said somewhere else here that Vintage does not attend the West Coast event but Kirk and Mary were there and participated in everything. My impression was that they participate in the West event almost every year.

Hoss has the right idea.  Any builder that makes the effort and spends the money to attend Carlisle needs an equal chance to promote their company.  It would be patently unfair to have one builder as the key speaker.  I remember good sessions on technical issues the years I attended, and that seemed to work well.

No Carl--actually I think it was another post.  I really don't know why Kirk skips Carlisle ---I guess you can only do so much when you make more Speedsters than all the other Mfg combined.  I am under the impression that Kirk sells as many Speedsters overseas as in the US.


I'm not Kirk's official representative at Carlisle but I do hand out over 50 Vintage Speedster sales Flyers at each Carlisle event to interested folks and have a windshield framed information sheet about my particular VS car as a thank-you for all the "over and above" Kirk and Mary has have helped me with. 


As for the Saturday program at Carisle, Bruce always comes up with a wonderful program and I'm looking forward to what he has planned for the coming Carlisle event.





I went with JPS.  This could be something or nothing more than a name change.


Back in 2008 I had about $50,000 in deposits on a car being built and the economy crashed and scared hell out of me.  The original dealer sold and agreed with the new dealer who was responsible for what.  I got caught in the middle, the original dealer went broke and the new dealer moved out of state.


To make a long story short, I did eventually get my car but I sweated bullets for months and swore I would never make a deposit on a car to be built again.


So of course, I did just that....BUT...I picked JPS cuz they had a long record and were able and willing to connect me with some former customers. 


Be careful out there. I am not a lawyer, but I suspect that people with deposits are near the end of the line.......way behind the bankers of course.


Lets hope this is nothing.

A CCW deposit isn't foolishly funding a legal defense against tradename infringement... unless a CCW principal is named Carrera!


BTW, a trademark is a registered logo, insignia, image, sign, identifying a proprietary product or service. Tradename is the registered verbal identification of that product or service.

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