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Chris buddy,
As George mentioned, you may either get them from Kirk or John (JPS). Paul Harford (guy *passed out/LOL on my driveway in "Medicine Man VS visit" file) just purchased one from Kirk.~R

* No worries.I rolled him on to the lawn, put my baby in the garage, made sure the sprinklers didn't come on & covered him up this a.m. before going to work...
Using metal panels sandwiched in a fibreglass layup is usually not a good practice due to the difference in COE (coefficient of expansion and relatively poor resin adhesion to metal surfaces). Delamination often occurs. This is why the boating industry uses fibreglass compatible reinforcing cores, etc., then bolts metal to fibreglass components. I would stick with an all-fibreglass deck lid if I were you.
Hey, Where'd everybody go?
I've been messing with the louvred lid for a while now and I ended up buying one from Vintage, with a grill and having it painted, all together, t'ous ensemble!

It arrived the other day and it is a thing of beauty...(Kirk, you gotta get your QA guy to look over the paint jobs AFTER they dry, that way the paint don't stick to his fingers and he doesn't have to waste all that solvent cleaning up before he moves to his next station!)paint job was so-so, but I'm going to take care of that.

I have fitted some rubber tubing like a gasket around the inner edges where the cut out is underneath the lid, painted the inside of the louvres red (against the black exterior color)and am now waiting for my aluminum louvre panel for the center beneath the grill opening to be completed...

I will then cut a chunk out of the central area of the decklid to let some more air in (saw it on the original decklids I've got strewn about the living room)and fasten this metal panel in place so when you look down through the grill, ya' sees mo' louvres, just like one of those old German jobs (only without the fingerprints and nose hairs in the paint I ordered special)

Hey Rick, I'd have used your shower before I left, but the sprinklers DID come on so I was all set... Your wife was nice enough to rush out and bring me a towel, apparently before she even finished HER SHOWER judging by the clothes she wasn't wearing!
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