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The name Carrera Coach Werks was only used for a short period of time, then they became Custom Coach Werks.  Porsche was not happy with their usage of the word Carrera, so you probably won't find many under the Carrera name.

Not sure why Bring-A-Trailer is calling it a Carrera, even the paperwork they have posted says Custom Coach Werks.


@Nolan posted:

I noticed that car a couple of days ago and was surprised at how little attention was being paid to it.  Although not my favorite body style (I prefer the lines of Pre-A and A cars) it does look great (and it's a Cabriolet!), so it'll be interesting to see what it goes for.

@LeadPedal posted:

First time I’ve seen one come out of this outfit for sale. Anybody else have one made by these guys?

Cream with a red interior (one of my favorite color combos!)- what a great looking Speedster!  I love the tight fit of the front bumper, no overiders/side trim look, and that it's got 205/60's on the back (the only thing that thing really needs is to be LOWER! ).  I've been active here going on 10 years now and have to admit I don't remember many (if any) TR/CCW/CCW/RWR Speedsters owned by members here, or even passing through for sale/being talked about.  That doesn't mean there aren't/haven't been though.  I'll be watching that car to see what it sells for as well.

PS- I just looked- there are 10 or more people with bids on the Cabriolet, so I take back my comment about how little attention it was getting, and think the last hour 2 minutes (which may turn into an hour!) may be very interesting.

Another PS (before my hour to continually modify this post is up)- Just looking at the Speedster again and yeah, the Subie engine is great and all, but wouldn't that baby be badass with a louvered Carrera engine lid and a fire breathing 22 or 2300 cc Type 1 beast revving to 6500 rpm ?  I know the Subaru makes probably about the same horsepower, but it just visually isn't nearly as stimulating...

Ok, done I think I am!  Yoda out (or back to bed, actually- early here on the Great Wet Coast it still is!)

And a 5 speed (yeah)!  Ok, now I'm done!                                                                                I hope it's got discs all the way around 'cause it's gonna need it...

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