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Some interesting toys to look at. Even a Rock Crawler with a V-8 !  The Fiat is exactly like the one I had. The eerie part is that it's the same color and has the same Abarth headers on it. Had a lot of fun in that little car. Drove it down the Baja Peninsula, across the gulf of Calif on a boat, drove to Acapulco and back up to San Diego in 1963. Dirt roads most of the way. Enjoy..............Bruce


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OHV = Over Head Valves?

Sorry…….  Couldn’t come up with something more intelligent for the letters from a Bahsten guy.  

Off Highway Vehicle Team. After working my normal 40+ hours per week (which was usually closer to 60) I would work on my days off riding dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or in our agency's Polaris RZR side by side patrolling the off-road recreation areas.

JNC...........There's usually several Cobras there but this time I didn't see any.....Hmmmm.  My friend Steve Fox had his 356 cabriolet there this time. It's the silver one with the red interior. I think he has 3.    An "A", "B" and a "C".  He drives all of them on weekends in rotation.  There's always a nice spread of different cars at this gathering, it's not big and there's enough change in who comes to make it interesting.....Bruce

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