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As wheels get larger, sidewall width decreases.  Depending on your suspension, driving style and the state of the roads in your area,  that decreased sidewall usually means a harsher ride.  It's like increasing the setting on adjustable coilovers. 

I know of no way to simulate the ride quality difference between 15",16", 17", and 18" wheels and tires except to commit to the investment, then hope you can live with the result.  The comfort level of the ride in another car that has 18" rims may not translate to the comfort level in your car. 

If you commit to the project, please let others in the group know of your results.  That's how we all learn.

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You might need some serious wheel spacers.  Those wheels appear to be seriously dished IN, while your wide body fender flares allow the wheels to be dished OUT.

Doesn't mean that they won't work or look terrific, which I think they will.  Just a consideration while figuring out ways to make them work and be safe.  I'm just guessing, here, but those look to my eye like something needing 4" of spacer between the hub and the wheel to get them out to where they look right.

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@IaM-Ray posted:

Well if he does not hit the brake calipers it might work. Are Cayenne wheels heavier? 

It is on another island but my friend who picked it up said they are very heavy (>25lbs/each), yikes!  Anyway, I am flying up in the next couple of weeks to pick it up and we'll see how everything works out.  If not, I have four nice hose reels... LOL!

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