I am considering upping the engine in my IM Roadster to a Chico 2110. The engine I have is great, but as always wanting a little more punch for our mountain area. I rebuilt the top end about 800 miles ago with new Mahle pistons and cylinders. 6500 miles on the engine. 40 idf Webers, electronic ignition. Dansch 356 exhaust,...
Sadly I do not know the interior specs . But it was built for cruising in Miami, so I imagine all is pretty stock.  

The engine  is in the car and would be available to cold crank, drive, and put on the lift to see below . Doing a compression test next week. 
Keep in mind this is not Chinese parts. It was originally built in 2004.

Just curious on value.  

I might simply keep it. I only drive the car once a week or so... And we need a new hvac system in our house and shopping a British car now too.  So money is evaporating these days.
I am just getting info at this point.

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Motocarlo...You made a good choice going with Chico!  He does good work ! He and I were down at EMPI HQ a couple weeks ago when they had the open house for the first time. Chico is very well know and respected in the VW engine community !

What is your real name ? I will mention that I know you when I see him this Friday.


Someone please save Montecarlo from the scourge of a British  car.  I cut that cord years ago - fun when they worked but 1/2 the time they didn't.

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Funny Wolfie. I hear ya. I have had many. And been late many many times because of them. 
Even so , there is something about the smell of 90 wt. 

Not to intervene, Carlos but I'm considering selling my Krewenchuk built 2332 soon. Good running engine, no details on internals but insiders say it would be well founded. Dual Weber 38's. About 31,000 miles on it. 3:88 tranny too. No build details on it. Dry sump 12 l. oil capacity. Drove home from Vancouver to Ottawa last October and up to now with no issues. No real idea of fair value. No leaks either. In the car and running today. Pics and video available.  Any ideas appreciated. Offers welcome. 

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Pricing on a used engine is tough.
If I were shopping one, I would want at least to drive it in the car (like what I am offering) or a dyno test - (I don't have access to one near me.).

No one has mentioned numbers, but I am thinking $3.5k for my CB, because it is fairly pristine with under 7k miles.
(David's, I don't know. )

Another approach is to find a bug with a 2110 engine and swap engines, then sell the bug with the 1835 cb engine.  Could be the best way to come out financially on this, but it is a 'song and dance' that takes time.
(And there is also the aging home mechanic issues - rotator cuffs going - again.)

Or simply sell my IM where she sits with the 1835, and start all over. 

Lots of options.

Here is the info I got with the car. 
CB Performance VW Type 1 / Intermeccanica “Super 90”  1776cc / 100 HP at 5500 RPM. Dual port of course. I will have to go look at the heads to answer that Stan. I believe they are the CB Panchito 044.  

(I added the large P&C set to bring it up to 1835.  600 miles on those.)


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I sold my 2276 dual 44 weber engine that had beak in time only to a guy on this site in 2017 for $6500.00 without the vintage speed Sebring exhaust. That sold to someone else for $1000.00. The buyer was very happy with the engine and is running it in his Beck 550 Spyder. The engine did have a Raby DTM fan shroud and was built by a reputable formula Vee  racing engine builder from Cincinnati Oh.  $3500.00 for your freshened CB motor sounds like a very fair price.

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The sebring exhaust I had was the larger tube sized one that has to be built to order by Vintage Speed. It took 10 weeks but was a work of art, the fit finish and performance was great. They had me send them pictures and many measurements to custom build the exhaust to fit my particular width motor and Speedster. I was very happy with it and felt it well worth the money.

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C'mon Ray, there's nothing normal about our David!

Yeah I know, living here can drive anyone AB normal.

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David Stroud Ottawa Canada IM Roadster posted:

I'm considering selling my Krewenchuk built 2332 soon.

THAT'S the David we know!

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I'm left wondering what David is up to.

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550 Phil posted:

I'm thinking David has a suby up his sleeve.

Say it isn't so! 

Yeah, if that's the case then something's going on...

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Al:  You just catching up with all this NOW?

Just watching quietly from the sidelines, Gordon...

The CB Perf 1776 from 2004 would not have Panchitos originally, as they did not yet exist. Maybe BugPack 044s? At any rate, with the larger pistons and no other changes it should be a 100 hp more or less and very reliable. A screaming deal at $3500, given what you'd have to spend to make one like it now. 

Thanks Ed. That is helpful. Of course I would like to recover as  much $ as possible while offering a fair deal. Perhaps $4k is more inline. Again I'm not even sure I am gong to sell it.  (The car or the engine - maybe neither ; maybe both .  :-)  )

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