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Who did you talk to? I talk to them frequently and they always recognize my voice and know who I am, are very friendly and helpful, etc. Never any problems. When you get the linkage shoot me an email if you have any questions about setting it up; we can do a phone call walk-thru if necessary.
George, I am not sure who I talked to, but I may have caught her on a bad day. Thx for your offer to help with the installation. I think we all appreciate your assistance in the forum and knowledge area of this site. I have learned alot in the last few months since purchasing my car thx to yourself and the other contributers to this site. Tim.

I wouldn't give up on CB Perf..... I am guessing you just caught the wrong person, on the wrong day. No doubt, it was not good customer relations, but you might give them anoither shot.. and maybe air your concern without naming the person directly or even indirectly. (I say that because one never knows what issue she may have been dealing with personally when you called).

I say these things because I have used CB Perf 4 times and have alwys received excellent service, I e-mailed a guy there (look on their web site for their contact section, I don't recall his name) with pre-buy questions each time I ordered. He took time to answer all Qs and then offered advice on alternatives and also installation tips. I have also talked to Pat Downs, their engine guru, and found him to be knowledgable, and likeable. My last order was in March, when I bought theit ICT set-p (minus carbs) that is unique in that the linkage and filter bases ar ser up very much like the IDF set ups... including the K&N oblong looking air filters and filter top that looks just like their 40/44 tops, except shorter. The linkage is tied in with the filter bases and is far better looking and equal in performance to the (good quality & workable) SCAT hex set up for ICTs. They come with CBs own intakes,,, anyway, the service was great and there was even a goody thrown in the box, a freebie. I have also bought a 1.5" merged system with custom 1.5 boxes, and a Dyno-Max from them.

One other excellent source for parts and knowledge is John Connely of Air Cooled Net.... I have the web page if you want it (?) John is just great to deal with and works hard to meet your needs, He will also tell you if you are buying the wrong part, etc. Very sharp, and very honest. I have bought a .009 w/CompuFire, Oil Filler/Breather kit, wires. looms, cables, you name it from him... first class.

Bottom line, don't judge CB by one bad experience.... they are much better than that. I don't blame you for getting chapped though.

Jim OKC (STL 1 more week) "Dub U Tub"
I've emailed CB a few times and waited and waited and waited for a reply. I had better luck with phone calls....but I think they need more staff. The sales person I talked to said she still had hundreds of emails to read, plus all her other jobs. This was late spring, so I wonder if things have changed.
Late spring and summer is a CRAZY time for all of the major VW aftermarket distributors as most of their customers are coming out of the woodwork with orders. Emails may fall through the cracks and phone calls may be a less than satisfactory. Items that you want may be out of stock or awaiting delivery from their source. I've found it's best to do your planning in late summer or early fall, order stuff during the winter during the distributors slack time, check it when you get it (very important depending on their returns policy), return/exchange stuff if necessary, then complete your projects in early spring.
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