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Hi Folks,

Just thought I’d share with you a fun little milestone my speedster had during the week where it finally clocked over 30,000 miles on the odometer. Only approx. 1,200 of these are mine, taking ownership in late March this year.

Considering it came off the assembly line of IM in Santa Ana in 1978, it has only averaged a touch over 700 miles a year so it hasn’t had a hard life by any stretch.

I'm interested, what's the average miles/year others clock up?? I am assuming 700mi/yr is low?

I plan to put many, many more miles on this speedster going forward.

Below is the obligatory ‘odometer shot’ as well as a couple of photos of the speedster that my wife took recently whilst we visiting family near Noosa (just north of us). The light was just right for photos!

Take care all, Tony

Odometer PicIMG_1486IMG_1489


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I used to drive my MG TD replica to work on sunny days; and I'd do a couple of long (250 mile+) runs a year so I did cover 3-5,000 miles. Last few years it's been less. Cancelled the VA Beach trip twice in three years. Had a couple engine-out episodes and you all know what a slog my Spyder build has been. Even so, on the road sporadically only since August, I'm closing in on 500 miles just sorting the Spyder—with a couple hundred to go. And I've managed to get a few hundred in the TD as well.

@Robert M @Lane Anderson @DannyP @Gordon Nichols @Michael Pickett @Ewatub @edsnova

Thanks for your kind words gents. It's such a pleasure to get out driving in these things!! Wow, with the numbers you guys are pulling I better get a move on!!

@Sacto Mitch Like you, we really don't have a down season but now we are moving into summer down here, longer drives will tend to be either a 'dawn patrol' or 'evening mission' to avoid the heat.

@MusbJim If I manage half the miles you put down each year I'll be a happy man. Thanks for the encouragement.

Cheers, Tony

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