Hi, I've started building a CMC kit my dad's had since the mid-80's.  I'm finding answers to many of my questions on the forum so thanks in advance,

Any of you in the Charlotte NC area that would mind "showing off" your ride?  (Especially if you built it.)  

Do any of you go to the local Bug events?  there's one coming up in March at Rockingham dragway and another in May in Mocksville or do you leave that to the VWs crowd?

Is there some other speedster Meet-up nearby?  


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I'm in New Bern about 4 hours from Charlotte. My sister lives there and I get out there now and again to give her a hand with things.

I use to join the Oil and Air VW group in Wilmington when we had the house at the beach for some of their events and I know some of them are going to Rockingham and Mocksville.

There are no specific groups for us here but every once and awhile I see a Spyder around here once and awhile but don't know who it is and there is someone with a Spyder that lives in the Charlotte area I believe.

I built my CMC back in the early eighties via the assembly/fabrication manual and found this group years back, the SOC will be a big help to you as you find your way into the Madness as we call it.

If your ever out this way just give me a heads up.


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Mike, Your car looks great.  What color white is that?  

I have the manual, and what appears to be complete kit.  Wiring harness, lights, badges, guages, most still in original packaging.  

I'm in the midst of shortening the pan now.  And wondered how you transitioned between the pan and the cmc frame along the footwell.  Specifically along the part under the heater outlet. My pan barely meets the cmc frame here.  They are aligned just not much overlap, maybe 1/4".  Did yours have this issue?  Do you know what others have done in the past?

I may be in for more weld/fab than I  anticipated.   But isn't that how these projects always go?

Thanks again


The body color white is the original gel coat Wrenn and as far as the pan to body gap I recall that mine just dropped onto the pan and must have had enough area as I sealed the pan before the frame was set and recall having enough contact area. . It was some 30 years ago when I did this and the cut and alignment of the donor chassis is critical before welding.

I also cut out the pans before I cut the chassis and then added the cut and modified pans. The floor pans were rusted out on my donor.

The person who can lead you in the right direction with the most experience as he is currently still building cars would be Alan Merklin (AKA Dr. Clock).

The building of these cars takes more time than the book says and to make it your own adds to that time. It can be challenging,frustrating and a lot off times it comes together the way you envisioned it.

Have fun and when in doubt just reach out.



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