Has anyone run a Special Edition built or converted NA Subaru powered Speedster or Spyder on a Chassis Dyno to see what the actual wheel HP figures are? I was thinking of running my Speedster on a local Tuner shop in Louisville Ky's  Mustang Chassis Dyno. I have tested and tuned other cars at this shop and they are very easy to deal with. If someone has run some chassis dyno pulls on one of these cars with the EJ253 Subaru SOHC NA engine with variable cam lift rated at 173HP from the factory please post what HP numbers their car made.

 Does anyone want to say or guess what they think the wheel HP will be? I know it has to do with the amount of power loss the transaxle causes. Does anyone know what the average power loss is for the Type 1 swing axle trans. 15%-20% ? I will schedule a session in the next couple of weeks once the cool dense air temps. of fall arrive. I am guessing the actual wheel HP of my Speedster will be 145HP. 

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140-150 sounds about right. I'd be interested to see the corrected TQ numbers from idle through redline. To me, the way these engines pull from like 1500 rpm is what sets them apart from the typical built Type 1. 

I agree completely. I will post the dyno graph. The Subaru engine that Special Edition uses is the best NA choice. It  has a great TQ/power band due to the variable cam lift. This gives the engine good low end and high end TQ and power. I love how tight the engine sounds and how nice they wind out to 6k rpm without sounding like it is going to grenade.

Jimmy where is Special Edition located I tried looking them up ? If you would get me a contact # sounds like your pretty pleased with their work. I’m always looking for HP and I hate the oil leaks too!

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Funny thing is we did a "210hp" motor built by another shop and it made 147 at the wheels...
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That dense Southern California air again?


*Orange County Correction Factor-- always good for 30% increase in HP

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