Whatever that is, it's not a Spyder. It's a pan, some tube framing grafted on it, a chopped-up Beck(?) body, and no instruction manual. Could it ever be a car? I believe so!

Carey Hines & crew could probably make it something.

2004 Cory Drake + Jim Sartwell could make it something.

There are probably a few dozen other guys around the country who could do something productive with it, given time and money.

Lots and lots of time, and lots of money.

I believe it could even be made into a Spyder. Theoretically.

I also believe in the theoretical concept that posits the near certainty that, somewhere, at some time, random perturbations of  energy and matter in the universe caused (or will someday cause) the spontaneous appearance of a whole working elephant out near the rings of some far away and unseen planet. 

The odds of this project becoming an operable 550 Spyder replica appear to be within a similar order of magnitude.

Maybe Elon Musk could send it out to orbit that new Exoplanet they found out past Neptune?

Seems like the best use for it I could think of.

That would mean it would be closest to Earth every 847 years or so.

Please, send it OUT of the solar system. Or better yet, send it towards the sun so it can die a proper death.

That is one butt-ugly POS. Everybody, pass. Please. Don't even take it for free.

Ed, I couldn't agree with you more. The likelihood of this ever getting finished is minimal.

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The car in question is a Perry, modified with some tubing to mid-mount the drive-train. It wasn't super-well thought out, as there is nothing to locate the swing-axles besides some EMPI shocks with helper springs, attached to a skinny little frame member with a 3" bolt and spacer. The diagonals running to the front of the car tie in at the stock VW mounting point, which is about a foot too far towards the center on either side. If you look at the 5th and 6th pictures, you'll see that they had to remove the bulkhead between the drive-train and the seat-backs, and that the engine pulley is about 2" from the driver's tailbone. If you tried to dry sump this car, you could have your own home colonoscopy kit.

Even if you could do the work to make this thing right, it'd still be oddly proportioned. I really WANT to like these cars, as I'd be the ideal Perry Spyder candidate (I've been on record as being too oddly shaped and "thick" for a more normal Spyder)-- but they're just not desirable to me. They were built on a standard (non-shortened) VW pan, and are as long as a freight-train. They all have the same square-nose shovel look on the front end and the same bubble-butt out back.

There is a reason Perrys are the unloved spinsters of our little corner of the automotive pageant. They are not good looking at all and don't cook well. I'm sure this car has a great personality and will make somebody somewhere a great little conversation piece. Not me, however-- this is a hard pass.

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