20190823_1341232019-06-12 14.15.49Wow!  I had a feeling it was a scam.  You can barely  buy a body for that price.  I put my car on the SAMBA the same day  and felt I was way high.  I definitely have room to move.  Below is the link:


I also have a 914 I'm selling on Ebay











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Stan Galat posted:
Robert M posted:

Aren't the carbs a tad large for a 1600?? Asking for a friend.

There were no shortage of VW dudes rolling 48 IDAs on their 1776s a few years back. This is a really weird hobby.

Alan Merklin posted;
That's so that the owner can spout off …." I really have a big pair "  ~

I wrote this last night but I see it's disappeared (maybe I didn't post it and the wife or my youngest closed it before I got back to it) so...

IDA's have been king (as duals, of course) since the first set was put on a drag racing Beetle (I think it was Dean Lowry?) in 1962 or '64. The street crowd quickly adopted them, no self respecting Cal Look car owner would be caught with anything else and, good or bad, the rest is history. IDA's, being more of a race (on/off) carburetor and usually too big for the engine, typically made more hp at the very top of the rpm range than any of the DCN's or DCNF's- the smaller carbs provided much better driveability (and power) at everything but the last 500 or 1,000 rpm, but IDA's were the carbs to have and that's all that mattered. In a Hot VW's article (1977 or '78?) a guy with a Bug-In winning  baby blue Cal Look Karmann Ghia (on alloys- it really was a beautiful car!) had a set of IDA's on a 1600 and went as far as having some 32 mm venturis specially machined (IDA's usually came with 37's or 42's(?) depending on what they were set up for), trying to get some street manners back. The magazine never reported how well the fix worked, but with the carburetors being so over sized for the displacement I can't imagine it worked all that well.

IDF's showed up on the scene sometime in the late '70's (and Dellorto's a couple?  few? years after) and although when properly set up make as much power as IDA's (or very close- there are street cars running low 12's and even high to mid 11's with IDF's or Dells and are much more driveable than most IDA equipped cars) they just don't have the 'Look'. The whole Cal Look thing was originally about making your street car as fast as possible, but somewhere along the way that part was lost and now unless your car has IDA's and evil little 135's for front tires it's not Cal Look (don't get me started on 135's!). Hell, guys with chrome trim and full bumpers are calling their cars 'Cal Look' these days. Blasphemy, I tell you!

Yep, big honking carburetors with no air cleaners is where it's at... 

Yoda out (stepping off my soap box now, but back you know I will be!)

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