I’m going to be posting a Speedster and Spyder themed shirt suitable for Christmas present or just to have.

I am actually art directing the design to an illustrator buddu of mine dince I have stopped leasing my graphic software.

I’ll be posting an example over the next few days. If there is enough interest I will print shirtsto orders like I do with the carlisle shirts.Keep an eye out for them. If you like it, show it to your loved ones and have them put it on their shopping list.

If there is not enough interest, they simply won’t be produced.

Timing will be tight for Christmas delivery. They will probably be in the $20-$30 range and maybe sweatshirt hoodies also.

Thanks, Rich Drewek



Crash Test Dummy Guy

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Rich Drewek posted:

... But let me tell you, this shirt is going to be nice. Hopefully we will have a color example to show before the weekend is up. Regardless, is anyone interested in a hoodie for this offer?

Maybe- have to see the artwork first... Same deal as the last shirt? If so I'll take 3

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