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I eschew chrome on my Spyder. I painted my wiper arms hammer-tone silver. Blades too, except the rubber and stainless spring stuff.

I'll say chrome looks better than black on a 50s car.

As many have said before, it's a big tent.

Kelly, a rattle can of whatever color you like is $10. And paint won't blind you in the sun like chrome will.

@edsnova posted:

There is no local place that will chrome stuff. ‘Cept maybe in Louisiana or maybe one place in PA.

You beat me to it. Chrome platers around these parts are no more.

I wonder what you gentlemen think a set of chromed wiper arms should cost? Take a trip to your FLAPS and see what a set of wiper blades cost. $50 gets you two Bosch blades and a hale and hearty "thanks" from the kid behind the counter, assuming you don't go nuts with the blades.

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Possibly but the windshield frames also can reflect the sun.

This is the email response I received for the Vendor:

Thank you for your product question, you asked us the following:
" Do you have chrome 10" wiper blades that will fit a Replica Speedster windscreen? Shipping cost to US?  The a USA Speedster group are considering a bulk order of unknow quantity"

We can make the arms and blades like ones for split bus. You can you email us photos of the arms and blades you have and also the measurements of the wind screen. Also the wiper shaft style in the car. We have a friend here that also has a replica speedster so we can test on that.

These were the next arms we were going to work on

C&C Team

I understand the concern about chrome glinting in the sun, but Al rightly points out that the frames on a lot of our cars are already chrome.

Like Danny, I'm not a big fan of chrome on my car - but I can see how somebody who has some bling on their ride already would see this as a fantastic addition.

The larger point to me is that somebody, somewhere in this world is willing to make an investment in VW aftermarket parts. I had never heard of C&C until a few days ago when I saw somebody on FB giving them props. A new, high quality vendor is always welcome, IMHO.

The wipers look fantastic.

I was thinking about that.  I was surprised (a little) when I saw that in the photos but boy!  It sure works on a darker car!  

IIRC, Henry's Elves used a Satin Gray or Silver?  Very sharp.

That's a satin silver if my memory serves me well.  It was a little hassle trying to match a replacement headlight grille to the original powder coating.  I lost one when in Carlisle, and only by luck Henry found the original material and we got a good match.

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