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Need advice. Would like to use the original wiper bag but it is soiled.  Its sits high and proud in the engine bay so this will not do.  Replacement bag is an option but its not as cool looking The original has a texture to it and the correct wording.  I already ran it though the dishwater(don't tell Sandy). Can I dye this? Or, can I use mild sand paper to clean? Don't want to bother the shop with this because they are working on installing the mechanicals.   wiper bag

Marty Grzynkowicz

1959 Intermeccanica, Subaru H2O Turbo (Convertible D-GT) "Le Cafe Macchiato"


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As an alternative to Theron’s product recommendation (I am not familiar with either of those products), you could also try a kit for restoring clear plastic headlights, like this:

The washer bag is probably color-impregnated vinyl and it doesn’t look like it has anything silk-screened on it, so if you’re dealing with an aged stain, maybe the very mild abrasive in the Mother’s kit is just enough to remove the stain without petrifying the remaining vinyl beneath.

DO NOT use a petroleum product on vinyl.  That will affect the vinyl and it becomes hard and brittle.

Any oil based product is going to soften and or degrade a plastic but they could be used to lightly clean it.  I have tried to use toluene and others on a corner to test before doing stuff on my old BMW bike plastic and have had some success but carefully and lightly.  

The sem is what IM used on your IM Marty might be the thing to do.

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