Hello, I am cleaning out my garage and I thought I would give speedsterowner folks the first shot at these new and/or nearly new parts before they go on the big bid websites.  If you are interested in anything, please PM me.

Here's what I have:

two fuel gauge senders, 10-187 ohn VDO.  One is brand new and the other is a good, tested used part.  I'd like $20 for the new one and $5 for the used one.

one new right windshield wiper arm, 73-77.  Just make an offer and pay for shipping and it's yours.

two new 365 mm brake lines, make an offer and pay for shipping...

one barely used steering dampner, make an offer

one barely used steering box.  $60 plus shipping

two NOS CMC turn signal assemblies. I know these are flying off the shelf, but if someone wants them just pay for shipping and they are yours.

one pair of silicon valve cover gaskets, $10

one pair of stock valve covers with -8 AN vents welded in, $20 plus shipping

one pitman arm, just pay for shipping.

one set of gently used urethane trailing arm seals, just pay shipping.IMG_6306IMG_6307IMG_6310IMG_6313IMG_6314IMG_6316IMG_6317IMG_6318IMG_6316IMG_6317IMG_6318IMG_6319IMG_6320IMG_6321


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