Well, that was sorta my point.

The German eagle has looked like this since 1950, and earlier, from 1928 - 1935:


Before that, it had numerous forms over the centuries, including these:


It was only in those, uh, 'in-between' years that it looked very different, primarily because of the artistic preferences of the folks who had, well, 'assumed' power at the time. We could note that those years are a delicate matter in modern Germany and don't often come up in polite conversation. A lot of the heraldry of the period is today banned from public display in the fatherland.

My question is, why, if there's no eagle in any Porsche emblem, and the PCA still wanted an eagle in their design anyway, maybe to reference their car's cultural heritage, why did they choose the eagle they did?

It may be a small point, but it hasn't helped me grow any fonder of the PCA.



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"My question is, why, if there's no eagle in any Porsche emblem, and the PCA still wanted an eagle in their design anyway, maybe to reference their car's cultural heritage, why did they choose the eagle they did?

It may be a small point, but it hasn't helped me grow any fonder of the PCA."

I thought it was because of the American eagle - the bald headed one - as the PCA is an American club.  From a non-American's perspective, that seems obvious to me.



Carlos, love this.

My sketch started as a spoof for Stan, but I think I like your design better for something I'd want on my car. The 'clown car' joke is something we know around here, but I don't know how much it connects with car dudes in general.

I think something that's as simple as possible but that mimics the PCA badge is mo better.

Along those lines, I think I like your last design, but with colors that are closer to the PCA badge - something like this, maybe:





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Carlos G posted:

You can do whatever you want with it. BUT, if you make millions, I want a cut, but if you land in jail, I don't know what your talking about.


Dammit, Carlos - get over here and help me clean up this mess!  I laughed so hard at this I spit a mouthful of coffee all over my shirt then proceeded to knock over my mug!!

THAT is F-ING hilarious! (. . . . . ‘F’ stands for ‘fructose’, of course . . . . . )


OK, the first prototype sticker showed up in the mail today, and here's what it looks like mounted on my car:


The technical quality is good, and I'm happy with the outfit I ordered this from.

It's that 'plastic cling' material - no adhesive and you just squeegee it on from the inside of the car. Peels right off with no hassle, and can be re-applied. Hopefully, it will stay stuck.

This is a three-inch sticker. I still think this is about the right size. From across the street, you'd take it for the PCA original. You have to get to about 20 feet away before you notice something's not right, and maybe 10 feet before you can read 'Plastic Car'

I'll now order prototype #2, which is Carlos' design shown below. It should be here in about another ten days. I'll post a photo of that when it gets here, and you'll have the option of ordering either one.

Price, with shipping to your door, should end up being about $10, I think, maybe a bit less if there are thousands of orders.

Prototype #2 (by Carlos):






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I'm starting to wonder just what useful role I'm playing here - if any.

The odds of reaching a consensus on design and size are practically nil. As with our cars, everyone has a different idea of what works best. In a perverse kind of way, that's probably a good thing. This is Amurica, dammit. We don't follow no steenkin' party line.

Carlos' designs (and my original clown design) are all high enough resolution as posted here to make good stickers. And the online sticker place I used has a web page for ordering that makes the whole process pretty foolproof.

Check it out.

So, I propose that everyone just pick the design you like, go to the 'Sticky Life' (no comments, please) web site, and order up what you want - in any size you want (there's an option for 'custom size'). I'd suggest the 'static cling' option.

I'm starting to think that Ed may be right - the nasty clown does ad a nice 'in your face' touch that is sorta the whole point of this thing to begin with. So, I'll leave that sticker on my car for now and see how it looks to me in a week or so.

I still want to see what the below design looks like as a sticker, so I'm going to order one for me, in the three-inch size. If you want one of those in the three-inch size, let me know in the next 24 hours and I'll order one for you, too.

Ordering one sticker at a time from Sticky Life (no comments, please) costs about $7 for the sticker and $6 for shipping - still not a whole lot when you consider the endless hours of fun this sticker will bring into your life.

Amaze and mystify your friends.






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RacerX posted:

EECC357A-23D5-40C5-BD2D-FB1C04701FDESpeaking of Badges and Brotherly love between the P-car group and the SOC gang, what are the odds we would ever see a group like this here in the states? Utopian Society right there ...

That's exactly why I wouldn't put a Clown sticker on my car. The local Porsche club up here likes my car and I have no need to poke them in the eye with a stick (er). 

I think the "Plastic Clown Car" sticker aesthetic—whether literally beclowned or not—is more self-deprecating and disarming than a "sticker in the eye" of the PCA. 

Cory Drake has bolted a "Revell" plate on his fender right about where the Reutter badge would go; says it fits the car and cuts short the explanation for the inevitable First Question. 

These stickers, to me, serve the same purpose. Like getting a vanity plate that says P * TEND.

Could one offend a Porsche Purist? Theoretically possible, I suppose, as Porsche Purists exist on a spectrum that no doubt shades into the "everything offends me" realm. But That Guy (if he exists) cannot be assuaged.

Let A Thousand Clowns Bloom!


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