Gordon Nichols posted:

Think “The Summer of ‘42” movie and that sets it.  What a wonderful place for a Summer vacation.  “New England” at it’s absolute Summer finest.  Especially the Little Compton Fireman’s Chicken BBQ each July. 



Yep, that captures it perfectly. Incidentally, I did the technical tour of EMC in the late '90s, right before I bought a stack of Symmetrix storage. Cool place.

If you guys get together to go to Flo's or the new place next to it (schultzies better food) let me know and we'll have a clown car parade, I'll be there tomorrow as I was brought up in Island Park and watch over my mother who still lives on the water down there... my top will be down and I'll be sitting on that seawall Wed, I spend every weekend on my boat with the jetskis down there.

Seeing as we've thread drifted our way to New England I remember the best fried clams being at The Clambox in Ipswich, although my hands down favorite place to eat in the world is Woodman's in Essex, Ma. Their tag line is Eating in the rough. Awesome stuff.  The seafood is pretty darn good up here in the Pacific Northwest, and they make surprisingly good chowdah.  Here's one of my favorite T-shirts


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David.....Cripes ??   I haven't heard that used since I was a little kid back in Minnesota ! Jeez !  That's another one ! I hear a few on here use it besides me..........Bruce

Mike:  One of my biking buddies has a Moxie Biking jersey like that.  I have one that says "Wicked Big Sox Fan" with Red Sox stuff all over it.

I also dragged Kelly Frazer (who hangs out on here from time to time  @El Frazoo  ) to Woodman's a few years back when he was up in the Lakes Region on Vaca.  Clambox or Woodman's, it doesn't matter - the seafood is always great.

The Clambox in Ipswich is a short ride from Paul Russell's Restorations shop - he has done all of the cars in Ralph Lauren's collection, among a lot of others.  They have a cool website, too:


Darrell:  Wow....Somebody from Island Park!  That place has great history surrounding it.  You can appreciate this:  I was bringing my 18' Beetle Cat up the river from the Seapowet marsh inlet to the boat ramp on Riverside years back and ran out of gas in my 2.3hp outboard as I approached the abutments at Stone Bridge.  What to do?  I looked at the current and it didn't look too, too bad, so I heeled way over to the west side, put up ALL TWO of my sails (main sheet and rolling jib) tacked around and shot through the opening semi-diagonally toward the NE and made it, first try.  I got a standing ovation from the gang sitting out at Coastal Roasters.  Nobody was more impressed than me, though.

aircooled posted:

David.....Cripes ??   I haven't heard that used since I was a little kid back in Minnesota ! Jeez !  That's another one ! I hear a few on here use it besides me..........Bruce

More "old" exclamations that can be useful at times.59773337_2433458380019738_5375248894902927360_n

As much as I love a good clam chowder it doesn't come close to the Cracker Barrel Mac n Cheese, regarding adhesion...

Sacto Mitch posted:


Terry, thanks for bringing this thread back to it's most informative topic - practical uses for Cracker Barrel Mac N Cheese.


It works great for door insulation as well.

Yup, Woodman's (and the Clam Box, nearby) have made countless families civil again when stopping for lunch or dinner on those long trips down Maine and/or to the Lakes of NH, for a few quarts of fried clams or scallops when the kids in the back seat are getting "Hangry".

We're not going that way too soon, but we will be hanging out on the 'Cape and heading to the Sesuit Harbor Cafe pretty soon, and just hit Flo's Clam Shack in Island Park, RI, last Friday night.  

Summer is a wonderful time in New England.....

Panhandle Bob posted:

I just read the original title of this thread "Clown Car Sticker Update".

There has to be a better term than "thread drift" to describe the path from a clown car sticker to clam chowder.

Bwaaaa Haaaaa! 

I think we can resolve the issue of 'thread drift' by getting rid of Forum Categories and replacing it with the catch-all "Whatever". Cuz you know that eventually , any given thread will eventually come around (drift) to the topic you are interested in. 

...and just for fun...


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Yeah, and come to think of it, do they even HAVE fried clams down where Panhandle Bob lives?

Shrimp, yes, thanks to all of those Vietnamese Shrimpers out of Mobile, but good old New England Fried Clams?   I dunno.......  

Regardless, they're probably not big enough (puny little clams that they probably are from the Gulf) that you could never get a Clown Sticker on them, unlike an average  Rhode Island Quahog!



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