As the clutch wears does the free pedal increase or decrease?

When I set the free pedal should I set it at 1/2" so it can increase to 3/4" or set it at 3/4" so it can decrease to 1/2"?

I posted this on the Samba got 2 answers.  Each was the opposite of the other. One said increase and the other said decrease.

1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI

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As I recall, if anything in the chain of movement wears it should increase free travel. This would be the cable stretching, the cable housing compressing, pivot points wearing, play increasing in any bushing(pedal, clutch arm pivot), or the throw-out bearing itself.  Now wear of the clutch friction disc shouldn't have any effect on the free play, but should have an effect on the engagement point.......I think.  That's how I remember it anyway.

Let's see what the real experts say and we'll find out if I passed.

Increases free travel. Think in your experience or anecdotally, people having to press the clutch in almost to the floor before it engages.

^^^ what they said Michael^^^ Generally, as the clutch wears and the cable stretches (especially with pressure plates with more force) things get looser over time. Set it up at minimum (1/2") freeplay at the pedal and when it gets noticeably looser give the wing nut a couple of turns.

After being in there for more than 30 years it seems like I won't be getting much cable stretch.  Even though it has been a long time, only a bit over 6000 miles.

While working on the longer clutch lever I noticed I didn't have the required kink or bow in the Bowden tube.  It just came straight from the tunnel to the bracket on the trans.

When I added washers at the bracket, it bowed out to the side instead of downward.  That left the cable still rubbing on the top of the Bowden tube where it exited.  When I pushed the Bowen tube kink sideways so it bulged downward the cable moved to the center of the tube outlet.  All of this was after I slotted the holes in the trans. bracket and rotated it.

So, I made a piece I could attach to the ground stud on the frame horn that will hold the Bowden tube kink in the proper position.

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