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I have a strange one.  My clutch pedal has been making a clacking sound when I let it out, with or without the engine running.  It sounds like it is coming from where the pedal hooks to the clutch line.  I took the pedal assembly out to see if there was something wrong with it, but it all seemed fine.  I put it back in and it is still making the noise at the hook and loop.  Any thought on how to fix this issue?


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I had a similar experience. Removing the pedal assembly and greasing the hook and loop solved it for me. Make sure you don't have any twists in the clutch cable, and that you're not running it too tight (3/4" to 1" of free play).

While you have your pedal assembly removed, check the condition of your hook. Over time, due to the constant friction of the loop on the hook, it can begin to wear out a groove. This results in a 'clacking' noise, when the hook locks into the groove, then pops out as the clutch continues to disengage. If you see visible wear on the hook, you can be pretty sure this is the culprit.

If you're luck is bad you may have a broken weld on the clutch tube. You can verify this by having someone gently press the clutch with their hand while you watch the tube from where it exits the tunnel in the rear of the pan. If, while pressing in the clutch, you notice movement in the tube itself, not the cable, you have a broken weld. It's very common and others who have gone through the process of repairing it have shared lots of info in this forum on how to go about fixing it. Search function should bring up plenty of help.

If you determine you don't have any broken welds, your hook doesn't have any visible wear, have greased your hook, loop and cable, reassembled your pedal assembly and still have issues, there is one last resort you could try. Classic Bug Parts makes a replacement clutch pedal shaft that takes a completely difference approach, and seems to result in a smoother operation than the hook. It's also supposed to result in less strain on the cable, and if not for upgrading to a hydraulic clutch, I would have already went that route.

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@JR_1979 @Bobby D i concur...get the "big boy" clutch upgrade...the hook is replaced with a nut and well as the 3/4 " clutch pedal spacer for us big wide feet people...along with a roller throttle ....way better than stock and well worth the semi easy fix...again IMHO

I agree. The "big boy" upgrade is nice if you have Flintstone feet, like me. Also, +1 on the roller throttle. You'll hate being upside down for the hour or so it takes to to do the swap, but it's a nice upgrade.

Probably wear on the hook as others commented.  Actually Becks do have access panels under the tunnel, but depending on the age, they may have been sealed with fiberglass.  I had a similar situation and finally took a Dremel to the fiberglas so I could remove the panel on my Beck.  That made repairs and cable replacement so much easier.  It's definitely worth hassle.

ACK!  I just realized that this is in the Spyder forum (silly me).  At once point you said you have a Speedster and I forgot where I was.  If it's a Spyder then ignore me (my wife does).

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another ,perhaps more optional nuance to this foot dance on the pedals is investing in some semi-trick skinny racing shoes...even with the spaced out clutch pedal, still not very comfortable, at least for me, wearing heavy wide tennis/sport shoes....the thin light weight racing shoes are the "bee's knees"

Or, as I've said before, drive barefoot in the summer. I care not if it is "legal" or not. It works, folks.

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