Slave cylinderThe other day, putting my car into reverse, the gears clashed a bit. I figured it was time to flush the MC and SC. I did. I also pulled back the rubber protector from the SC and out came a splash of brake fluid. Mmmm.

I drove the car and all seemed good. Then again reverse clashed a bit. I flushed some more. No fluid in rubber this time. I also measured how much movement I was getting at the SC. I'm only getting a touch over 5/8".

My question is, how much movement should I be getting??

I have the PBS cable shifter, Wildwood SC, and unknown MC with some fancy aluminum pedals.

I did tighten the two bolts holding the shifter down to the floor in the cockpit. Shifting into reverse does take some effort. I though maybe there was some slop.

I was going to order a rebuild kit for the SC. It only has two O-rings doing all the work for crying out loud. Or should I shitcan it and get a better one? 



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I always buy new even though MC/SC/BC are simple mechanisms because I don't want to find out in 100 miles or less that the rebuild parts were junk.

Take a look at's billet slave cylinder. About $80.00, but a good example.

Just clean it and buy new O-rings. My slave is 17 years old on the original O-rings. But I have cleaned it out and reassembled a couple times. I replaced my MC with a new Wilwood, I believe it's 5/8" bore. If you flush and bleed every 2 years, you'll never have a problem. 

The slave is either 3/4" or 7/8" bore, can't remember. Greg?

I believe travel should be around an inch at the slave, but I haven't measured it.

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I went ahead and ordered a rebuild kit. It's kind of a joke really.

Someone said somewhere that the SC unscrews on the non business end?

I'm going to eventually replace the clutch MC with one with a remote reservoir. Refilling the MC during bleeding currently, is a real PITA. I already have the Seduction triple reservoir. The brake takes up two spots, so there is one left for the clutch.

I've looked at the Wilwood MCs and they have remote and non remote versions. They also come in various bores. My current MC has 5/8" on the side.

I just need to get over some current unexpected expenses, then I can resume the infinite tweaking.

I rebuilt the slave cylinder. It was a piece of cake, and then flushed the system. I also flushed the brakes while I messing with brake fluid. I also adjusted the play at the pedals on both. I also adjusted the emergency brake. One side was grabbing before the other.

One thing that was weird when I was pumping fluid for the front brakes, the pedal would go down, but not come back up, huh?? So I used a syringe that I use to bleed dot fluid bicycle brakes and sucked the fluid from the caliper. This made the pedal return and worked great. I just topped off the MC reservoir for every full syringe. I only had to do this for the front circuit. I also used this technique for the clutch slave cylinder. I also used this syringe to refill the clutch MC since it's in such an inconvenient location.

I ended up with about 3/4" of travel on the slave. More than enough for the clutch. I even had to loosen it up a touch to get the pedal where I wanted it.

Took it out for a spin. All good.

I'm not a fan on how the hydro line for the clutch was run. It runs right next to the exhaust a one point. I did wrap the line with some insulating tape for now. I would like to run this line in a different place on the frame and then run a hose from it to the slave. Currently the hard line goes straight to the slave. There isn't very much movement, but I'd rather have some buffer for vibration and the very little movement that's there now.  

I do have a question for whomever understands all this hose fitting size mumbo jumbo. Here is a shot of the back of the fancy triple reservoir. Yes it was leaking and the brake fluid has removed the black coating. I'll add this fix to the list. I did tighten the fittings some more and hopefully took care of this.

But anyway, if the nipple size is about 3/8" and the threads measure at about 7/16", what -AN size would this make this?

Resevoir 2

I found this on the Wilwood site that I think will make my existing clutch MC be able to do a remote reservoir.

remote resevoir adapter

It doesn't give a diagram with it's size, but for $8.58, I'm willing to take a chance.




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An-3 or 4, maybe 6 IDK outside thread sizes, Carlos. Most brake line stuff is AN-3(the 3 means 3/16 ID tubing size). AN-8 ID is 1/2" or 8/16" for example on oil lines. Do a little research on sizing.

Sounds good on your bleeding approach. I remember turning my slave so the bleeder is straight up for bleeding.

I ran a metric 10mm fine thread coupler, and longer hard line and bending the line to the firewall. Then it runs down the right lower frame rail, then the engine mount member. I looped it between the bellhousing and the frame, and put slit fuel hose over it every six inches or so and a tie-rap. Then a short teflon/braided line up to the slave, conveniently away from the exhaust heat. Completely out of the way for engine removal as well.

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