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Howdy all,

this is a CMC body and I'm trying to figure out what type of convertible top it currently has on it. I need to do some repairs to the top however, I don't see any markings or names on it and I'm trying to figure out whether I should replace the whole thing or repair the individual bits that need attention.

Attached are pictures that might help ya'll identify the top. 

As always, your insights and expertise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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That is a nicely designed top and frame --- definitely not CMC/FF supplied.  I like how it mounts to the back cowl.  There was a guy in MX selling folding tops (Rafael?) on ebay several years ago for like $500-600.  I wonder if that is one of them.

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No photo description available.

No photo description available.

If you can repair it I would as going back to the simple CMC style from VM will be costly - top, header bow, top bows, snaps would be about $1k.

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If you live by any body a water, a joint that does boat covers, etc. could get you fixed up in a jiffy. They do custom/weird stuff all day long so it’s no biggy to them, as opposed to a place that does car tops and buys pre-cut/sewn tops from a manufacturer and installs them.

BTW, if you end up doing a complete top, see if they’ll do a zip out rear window. You can thank me later.

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Helps if we know city-state. We have a tarp shop here in Ohio that does work that is amazing--any very fair priced. They have done boats and my RV--excellent craftsmanship. Erb's Tarp Shop (Mennonite/Amish) leave message and they get back to you. 330-893-0151 ( David Miller)  Located in Millersburg, Ohio

Adam's profile just lists him in the Pacific Northwest so Oregon, Washington, or Idaho. But usually Oregon or Washington.

@Adam B That looks like vinyl but I could be wrong. I'd have a new top made with Haartz cloth and a zip out rear window. That is a really nice articulated top which is much nicer than a Vintage Speedster frame. With a VS frame everything has to be unsnapped to put it up or down. With that articulated top the bottom rear of the top is attached to the rail that is attached along the top of the rear cowl. You could probably put that up while seated in the Speedster which you can't do with a VS frame.

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That is a rally nice articulated top mechanism!  It's subtly different than both Alan's and Greg's (Wolfgang) and I'm looking at it and thinking it may just be an original 356 top mechanism.

I guess this all depends on whether you want to spend upwards from $1,000 for a new top or maybe take it to a boat/car upholstery place for either a touch-up of what you have (which appears to be in decent shape but maybe needing some TLC) or a complete new top, I'm not sure that a top from Vintage is going to fit.  

If you go to someone locally to make you a new top, at least you have that one that they can use as a template for all of the fabric pieces.  That means a lot.

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