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In US that Certificate of Origin (COO) along with the gold CMC tag is the official title for the fiberglass kit body of the Speedster.  If it's on a VW pan, that and the VW donor car will get the replica registered in most states.  Often builders just use the VW title that matches the donor's pan VIN.

I have the same COO and gold id plate for my 1988 CMC.  I don't know where those COOs are registered (or if they are) but they are an official "title" issued thru State of Florida - they is no certificate of authenticity other than that watermarked document.  I don't know if FL records or tracks the COO (CMC went belly up in 1992). State titles use a similar paper.

Almost all states require a manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO), also referred to as a manufacturer's certificate of origin. This is a form provided by the kit manufacturer that shows where and by whom the kit was manufactured, and it usually provides a chassis number.


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OK, my penchant for telling tall tales here has caught up with me.


This actually IS what the former CMC factory site looks like today - or at least part of it.

Wolfgang's photo shows what 16650 N.W. 27th Avenue, Miami looked like when CMC was in residence:


And here, thanks to Google Maps, is what that site looks like today:


The strip mall in my first photo is in the foreground of the wider view. There's also a much larger shopping center and a Mobil truck stop there, too.

I wonder what the total monthly rent for that site is today.

Time marches on.


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The Old CMC building was much more attractive than another vacant mall!  I fortunately got all my parts from them.  Some like the radio provided were crap - even back in 1988.  They tried to screw me on shipping - FL to No. VA.  I arranged shipping thru my brother's company for $550.  I had told them I had arranged shipping and to notify me when it was ready to be picked up.  No call so I called and they said they had already shipped via Pilot COD for $1440.  Fortunately that was the same company my brother used so they used his prepaid shipping! Took several tries to get matching front turn signals and a few backordered items but did get them all eventually.  Even got an extra front hood!

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