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   I made the decision to let this go after 34 years of fun.  It has a nicely rebuilt 1641CC with NEW pistons & cylinders, heads, carb, coil, tranny seal and throw out bearing, clutch and disc,  75 amp alternator, 009 disty, full size degree pully, 12 gal gas tank, fuel pump w/ napa gold filter, rubber fuel line sections, Empi oil pump with Napa gold filter, muffler w/stainless p-shooters, a bunch of cooling tins, all new Speed Hut guages, disc front and new wheel cylinders/shoes rear, LED tail/brake and HD headlights, and much more!

   Here are a few recent photos...  I am having a professional photographer photo it for Bring a Trailer in two weeks.  I am putting it out to you SOC folks for a set price of $23,000.  You could drive it home unless you live in Hawaii! ;-)  If you want specific pics, let me know and I will do my best. (I am a terrible snapshot taker!)

Safety Jim in Buffalo!

Speedster Jim, Buffalo NY


Images (5)
  • New Headlights!: HD headlights work well!
  • Rear end: Luggage rack goes with it too!
  • Front end: Vanity plates.
  • New side moldings: 914 type wheels
  • 3/4 view: Neighbors love to see it out and about!
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Alex:  I think you intended this for me, Safety Jim in Buffalo NY.  At the advice of a manager at my local DMV, I registered it as it looks. So, it is registered as a 1955 Porsche.  ( She found a picture back then in some old book!)

  I also got a build certificate and it could be registered as an 1986 home-built in NY.  Either way, there are no smog tests here for cars of that age so it is easy to pass the NY State inspection.  I am not at all familiar with what would have to happen to register it in California.  However, there are some very good sources for that kind of info here in the club.

It has a pretty stock VW 1600 that is upped to a 1641 with stock carb, intake and exhaust.   

No problem at all... You will have to go through the DMV drama for any used Speedster you find.  I think Troy Sloan would be a great source of info on getting a car registered and legal in your state.  I know there have been discussions on this site many times about how to do it.  There is still a VW vin on the chassis if you want to go that route. It is a 1971 VW pan....  Good luck with your search and keep us all posted on your progress!

I own a CMC/FiberFab also built in 1987 and registered in California as a 1971 VW which is what the pan Vin # is. If you register it in California as a 1987 you will have to pass smog so, if you do buy it,  you better register to the Vin # of the Volkswagen pan. And it will still be needing inspection at the DMV, but I had no problem five years ago on that.

Secondly, why so cheap, I got offered $30,000 cash 3 years ago and turned it down. Mine has a Porsche 912 engine which raises the price but there’s no way I would let it go for the price you’re asking, not even near it here in California.

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Indian Bob:  I am offering it to SOC folks who have been so very helpful through many years. There are some things that the car needs for sure. I would drive it anywhere in the continental US right now. However, If I were to keep it, I would paint over the original GEL coat, move the fender mirrors, redo the dash switch locations, remove the radio and such. Wiring is original and if I stripped the car for painting, I would replace the harness.  The seats are new, but the rest of the interior is original and a little tired.  The guys that have seen it at Carlisle would understand.  Basically, it could be a driver for fun or, a future project for someone to make it great....

   The price is reflective of what has been done recently and what is still original. Honest, ethical and true to the best of my knowledge.  Thanks for asking and suggesting that my numbers are low!  ;-)  I appreciate your input.  Hey, bye the way, the Bills just won thier second pre-season game..... LOOK OUT TAMPA BAY!   


Don’t feel too bad, @marksbug.    Many people have been in the same boat.   It looks like it should only take a few months to complete it - Until you actually get into it and then find that it will consume you.    Either that, or “life gets in the way” and calls you to do family things, not the car.  We understand.    I went through that, too.  Maybe it’s just not your time to build a car, right now.

Settle on a good price for what you’ve got, sell it and move on.  Again - We understand.

im pretty sure it's sold. the guy who bought my bug a few years back up in alabama was very happy with the bug that he wants this too. & I know it will be show quality when he is done. if any thing changes...I will post it. I would of liked to get a little more than he offered but I know his work.i m only loosing a little for storing it 8- 10 years. just dont let the wife know

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