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I'm a newbie to replica world, but have had a bunch of 356's and 911's. I bought this locally and have done some odds and ends it needed to be safe- but honestly as a guy who is getting stuff burned of his head regularly (pilot) a convertible in Las Vegas isn't smart. I am not able to enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I am really liking the idea of a Subie coupe! You can drive these as they were meant to be driven.

Anyway, CMC serial S-1915 registered as 72 Volks 2D (Oregon title) White on White -300 miles since new 1835 long block, w/Webers. New battery, starter, steering box, rear brakes (front disk) 914 type wheels new (ish) tires. Very good paint, no fiberglass checking to speak of (except passenger pull handle on dash was pulled to hard I guess -cracks). Speedo is in kilometers. Top is serviceable, interior has "patina"; also presentable. One side curtain has a crack. Looks like it has had some repairs done over the years but very presentable, I see very little indications of any rust (one very small spot on floor.)

This car in IMHO is in the sweet spot of price and condition to just drive the pi#* out of and enjoy. It is VERY fast and chirps through 3rd (kinda accidentalyl LOL). Very good power to weight. Having done some homework it seems like $22.5K is reasonable with so much new stuff.  Not a show winner (gaps etc are just ok) but a very nice honest driver. Pass it on...Serious only please... very busy fella. I will take additional pics, but you get the idea. Cheers!

Duncan Cameron  (six 1 five) 948 0315



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I have asked this question before and still have not gotten a reasonable answer. Many if not most people that post pictures for cars listed for sale online black out or otherwise cover the license plate numbers. What is the purpose of this or why is there a fear of others seeing the plate number? I have never felt the need to do this and have never had an issue. I figure that if I drive all over the place in full view of the public with the plate showing for the whole world to see what would having it viewed online be a problem? I am serious, why is this a common practice and does anyone have a true story of something bad that has happened by a plate number not being covered in an online picture? Inquiry mind wants to know.

With license plate info - a perp can find your address easily.  If your car isn't locked in your garage, it could be stollen and gone in a few mnutes.  Either jumped and driven off or simply towed away.  With the way Speedsters are built (chopped VW pan), it would be simple matter to apply a new VIN and resell "your" car. 

Years ago VS had 3 (?) Speedsters stolen from their build facility - none were ever seen again.

"The law is called the "Driver's Privacy Protection Act," and it was signed on September 13, 1994, by President Bill Clinton, ... "

Anyway: the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, or DPPA as it was affectionately nicknamed by the Legislative Committee for Affectionate Nicknames, prohibits the disclosure of personal information gathered by motor vehicle departments. The result is that the most information a person with your plate number could possibly get is the make and model of your vehicle. Not your name, not your address, not your date of birth, not your social security number, ... .

So basically you have nothing to worry about when a normal person sees your license plate number, unless of course they have some sort of access to DMV records. Fortunately, this access is limited to the most upstanding members of our community – cops, lawyers, process servers, ... .


- Doug DeMuro

(I edited a lot of the editorial.  It was a a lot sarcastic, but not a lot funny.)

Thanks for the kind words Al... it's an older CMC home build I think, but I can tell it was built with skill and passion. ( I am an aircraft restorer with numerous 356's under my belt)

It's a great ride for someone wanting a TLC car. I need a coupe. It aint the car for Vegas.

As far as the "plates" go I had a blank laying around, the car was going on CL and I did what everybody does; I covered it. I spent less than about 20 sec thinking about it. Gonna spend less than that second guessing my decision- LOL!

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