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Up for sale is my CMC speedster, I have owned it for about three years, I bought it complete, built in the early 90s I have done a few upgrades along the way, new engine, new top, its an old build so its not perfect,  just a good driver quality car, I drive it regular basis, has heat, wipers, made a trip to pigeon forge one weekend, no issues, The car is registered in Ga, as a 73 beetle, no title, I have the original cmc paper work, I am john located in north Ga 30755, 706 847 3369, 14,500$ thanks for looking.


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For those of you looking in earnest for a Speedster but not quite quick enough on the trigger for this one, Jon Nunez, one of the Massachusetts Speedstah guys, is moving to Margaritaville in Daytona, Florida, in the coming months and will be putting his Vintage Speedster up for sale.  I don't have a lot of details yet (I only learned of his move early last week) but it is an ivory color with a fawn top and leather interior - I may have a photo....  I'll look).  I'll help him make up his ad and get it on here ASAP and let everyone know ahead of time.

If you're really interested, PM me and I'll send along contact info for Jon.


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