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Stick with the VS grill that you have.  It is MUCH better quality and closer to the original than you'll ever get with the CMC grill.

Yes, the VS grill is slightly larger, but you can easily open up the hole all around for it using a Dremel tool with a 1/8" - 3/16" diameter rotary rasp bit.  There's only one layer of fiberglass to go through (about 1/8" thick) and the rasp will cut through like butter.  It's easy enough to tape a straight edge to the cover to keep your lines straight, too, and when you're done, the VS grill will look a LOT better.

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Alternatively, once I had opened up the hole to fit the VS grill, I fiberglassed in a length of 3/4" aluminum angle stock on each side.  The grill was notched on both sides (left/right) to accept studs threaded into the angle stock to tighten everything down.  

I just wasn't into gluing it down like Alan did (but that's a great way to do it, too).

This is exactly the way I did my CMC to VS grill change and it works great.

I dunno……. I’ve never had any of that CMC pink bondo ever let go - Seems OK to me!

For the grill attachment railings, I am not a fan of Gorilla hair or even fiberglass mat and resin for a job this small by a novice using fiberglass.  Just rough up the back side of the cover with 60-80 grit sandpaper just inside of the opening after you’ve increased the hole size and glue the mounting rails to the underside of the cover with something like Locktite construction adhesive and call it done.  Run a 1/4” wide bead of glue on one side of the angle stock and stick it up in there.  Apply pressure to it while curing with a piece of a pool noodle to hold it in place (cut a kerf lengthwise along the noodle to fit over the side of the angle stock hanging down and push noodle and stock up into place).  

We’re trying to hold a grill in place and working with Gravity.   Let’s not over-engineer this!

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