So- I'm confused.... why would you want to raise the ride height?

On a more serious note- no air cleaner and the engine ingesting spent cooling air and radiated exhaust heat- yeah, there's a little work ahead of you. Running around like that for any length of time (especially the engine being open to the rear of the car) will kill the engine in pretty short order. And I'm guessing that the previous owner made a practice of shifting from 2nd into 1st when going more than 4 or 5 mph- try to match the revs a bit when downshifting like that.

So why didn't you like the ride height where it was? I thought it looked great...

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I must need some Red Bull or at least a Dewalt impact wrench - I work sooo much slower!  I envy your collection of needle nose plyers.  I usually use some curse words to speed up my work, like "Scheisse"! I fretted with a protractor, marking original position and a level when I lowered the rear of mine.  How do you know you know you have one notch?  Were there no front beam adjusters present? Great job and video!

Looks like a good build - rear sag was nicely addressed by PO with added welded in brace.

A larger steering wheel would solve the not being able to view the gauge issue - appears to be a 14" one on it now.  

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DannyP posted:

I think he may have bottomed out at the incline of his driveway.

He just didn't take it with enough angle...

Yeah. I got an email a few hours ago saying my account was terminated!! 

In an attempt to bring people to my channel I posted the same comment, asking people to check out my videos, on about 15 other similar videos. 

Apparently that’s a huge deal because YouTube didn’t give me a warning of any kind they just terminated my account within about 30 minutes of those comments being posted. I’ve been trying to figure out my options but it’s not looking good  

I’m in the process of uploading all my videos to a new account, I will replace the links with new links once I have them. 

I’m glad I only had a few weeks worth of content on the account and not a few years worth

sorry for the confusion.

BTW I marked the location of the rear swing arms before removing them so I knew where I started from, then I rotated them down one notch by feel:-)


JIMMY V. See my above post. 

As far as I can tell they terminated my account because I posted the same comment on about 15 other videos. 

The comment I posted was “If you like this video you might also like my videos” and I gave a link to one of my videos. 

After reading through YouTube’s guidelines it looks like they considered me a spammer for posting the same comment multiple times... 

There is an appeal form which I completed but it sounds like they just deny all appeals, so I’m not expecting anything good to come from that  

I thought it was smart marketing, but apparently not!

The termination email I got was extremely vague. After many google searches and YouTube searches its seems that if this happens there is not much you can do about it.

apparently it’s impossible to talk directly to anyone at YouTube you have to find what’s called a Trusted Flagger to contact YouTube for you...

Anyway it was extremely shocking and confusing. Seems like a bit of an overreaction on their part, but who am I to tell youtube how to run their business. I’m just a guy trying to share car videos. 

Assuming they don’t terminated my new account I should have my videos back up within a few days. 


Yeah I think their bots just terminate all suspected enemy bots. You unwittingly disguised yourself as an enemy bot. No other humans involved in this episode.


I also had issues with You Tube over some SOC videos I posted. Got tired of You Tube shenanigans so I switched over to another video share site, Vimeo. After quite few videos over several years, no issues, ever!  

Jerod  I'm enjoying the videos...  I don't want to come across as a wise ass but these are valid safety suggestions … Using a 8 x 14 blue tarp on the floor will keep the floor clean, flip flops are not a great idea , wear a mask when rattle can painting even outdoors ..ask me how I know as this will cause health issues with your lungs , grind with that mask and safety goggles on too and lastly those concrete blocks can kill you in an instant. Your project looks good ~

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