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I was out on a drive here in New England with several other 356's when one of them suddenly developed a fouled plug.  "It's OK!", said the driver, "I always carry a spare!"

He pulled the plug out of his spares in the frunk and someone asked for the plug wrench.  

"Oo....  I don't have one of those!"

So to your question, Mark.....  It's probably more of a "I can do this, so I will!" thing.

Watched a video with Eric Rothenhaus, a product designer who restored a Vintage.
Is there a actual purpose to install a Spark Plug holder between the seats or it is just a cool steam punk kind of design?

spark 2spark

That is our very own @ericthered in that video. Maybe we could ask Eric why he decided to locate the spark plug spares in the cockpit between the seats?

@ericthered posted:

Well no real reason other then space and cool factor. On my hotrods I have them on the firewall also along with vintage wrenches. You would see this on 20’s and 30’s race cars. So people seem to really like them and always ask.

"Because I can..."   Eric Rothenhaus, Product Designer

After a google search, I didn't realize Spark Plug Caddys were used so much outside of Harley Davidsons

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