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If you can prevent an engine from starting/running by interrupting the power feed through the coil I'd like to do this via the "keyed" ignition switch on my steering column.  I have a standard VW steering column that has a keyed ignition switch on it but it is not used for starting.  I have a keyed switch on the dash as it should be.  I use the switch on the steering column as an anti-theft device because it locks/unlocks the steering column.  Given that this was once used to start a 74 VW there has to be wiring or terminals inside the column on this switch for that purpose.

Would that work and does anyone have a diagram of the wiring in a 74 steering column?  I checked the Resources section and several build manuals for wiring but all I saw on the steering column was wiring for turn signals and horn.  I am going to see if I can find an exploded view on the www somewhere,  Any help will be appreciated.


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74 ignition switch terminals

Assuming standard VW wiring, remove the (black) wire that supplies power TO the fusebox from your dash switch and connect it to terminal 15 on the column switch. Run a new wire (of equal gauge) between terminal 30 of the column switch and the dash switch terminal you removed the fusebox wire from.

That will make the car require the column switch to be in the Run position before you can get start and run the car via the dash switch.

craig posted:

Good option Justin.  I need more info from anyone on terminal numbers of the pins on the column.  See pic.  The wiring diagrams do not show connections as they appear in real life order IMG_8321on the column.  Can anyone identify the pin numbers in my pic?

The ignition switch pins are directly behind the lock cylinder on the left and match the diagram I already linked to. The second diagram you posted has incorrect terminal numbers. In your diagram, the label 50 is actually terminal 30, and the label 30 is actually terminal 15 from the diagram I linked.

The row of pins along the bottom in your picture are the turn signals (left 6) and wiper (right 4).

The turn signal pins are (left to right in your picture): right lights, light power in (from flasher), left lights, horn, dimmer relay, ground.

The 3 right light/light power/left light terminals have a duplicate set of 3 terminals below them that are a set of duplicate redundant contacts. You can use either the top or bottom row, but don't mix and match and only use one row.

The wiper pins are (left to right in your picture): park power (53a), high (53b), park ground (31b), low (53).

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