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I am building an outlaw speedster and I am deciding if I do it with the normal front, or without regillas and with winks alone like the PreA or directly only with the optics, do any have photos to see how it looks?

I could put the winks on the lamps that have the ring of my optics


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The headlights you show are different from what we see in America - they look more European, maybe from some of the earlier VW Beetles (or a Mercedes?), maybe with a park light built in?  I like the look.  

There are different types of front looks on different cars.  Here are a few from my photos and these cars all have the normal Porsche "winks" under the headlights:



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@Sacto Mitch posted:


As noted above, once you declare 'Outlaw', there are no rules.

As an exercise, through the miracle of Photoshop, here's what a Speedster looks like as you do away with conventional trim, bit by bit:







Of course, the bumper is often deleted on outlaws, or 'nerf' bars substituted (as on Gordon's car above), but this should serve as a starting guide.


thanks, this helps me a lot !!!! Could I take advantage of your capacity with the PS and ask you for the model without bumpers and with optics and bonnet belts?


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