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How're ya'll caring for your convertible tops?  As far as I've been able to tell, not much has been said on this topic, mainly one thread ~15 yrs ago.

I mean in terms of a frequent say (A) monthly "dusting off", (B) to an occasional say quarterly washing, (C) to a deeper say every few years detailing.  I'll take advice on any of these levels.

Eg, lay them on the ground, wet them with a garden hose, then gently scrub using a soft bristle brush with water+soap?  Pressure wash from a distance with the nozzle set to wide angle so as to not damage the fabric? (probably not advisable!).  Some special product that does wonders? 

I'm assuming it depends on the material.  Dull rag vs vinyl vs canvas vs whatever else they are.  I'm not even sure what mine are, so even feedback on my material would be appreciated.  Photos of the top and the top's cover are to follow below.  I think/hope the stains on the beige top cover should come out easily...

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So your 1/4 tonneau/top cover is Stayfast or Haartz cloth - looks like just what is on modern cars like my 2016 Miata.  RaggTop cleaner and conditioner are recommended for it by Haartz and a soft cleaning brush.  Make sure what you use is not petroleum based and is for fabric.  (Haartz cloth has a rubber interior that is harmed by petroleum - important on a water proof convertible top).  Others use 303 Fabric or Chemical Guys. Old Stayfast probably has a high cotton content but new is acrylic fiber.

The top is vinyl like used on old MGs/TR/AH in the 60's.  It takes a vinyl cleaner and conditioner.  I can't remember what I used back then - maybe just ArmourAll.  I know 303 has a product for vinyl.

Well RaggTopp cleaner works pretty well, you soap it up and rinse well.  IF you have any bad stains, I used a diluted H2O2 solution on the spots on my older IM with a soft horsehair brush, gently, then I used spray waterproofing, and the best one I found was AutoGlym, it seems to bead for years if your storing in a garage. 

So I do the big clean and spray every 2 years other than that just normal carwash. 

P.S> Water proofing that I tried, RaggTopp, Gtechniq and Autoglym, autoglym seem to be the best. 

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