My totally redesigned CruZin Windows are finally available and they now have their own website!

The mounting hardware is high quality polished aluminum, made in the USA. The pins can easily be bent to facilitate adjusting the inward tilt of the window to fit nicely inside the windshield frame.

They have been redesigned with sliding, adjustable pin mounts and will now fit all Speedsters including CMC, FiberFab, Vintage, JPS and Beck Speedsters, as well as any other Speedster with door rail mounted side curtains.

If you are a "Supporting" paid member of the SOC you will get free shipping, but you must order directly from me.

Non "Supporting" members can order from me or through eBay, but will not receive free shipping.

Cost is $350 + $25 shipping.

Yes, the price has increased slightly, but they are now twice as cool!20190111_14091220190111_14023120190111_14113020190111_14403820190111_144050


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