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@TDiddy posted:

Thank you WolfGang, I'll have to reach out to some of the ones closer to me.


To find members near you select the "Members" tab at the top of the page in the black header bar. When the new page opens select "Advanced Member Search" which is the third tab under the blue "Post Content" box toward the upper right side of the page.When the new page opens select "Search by Geographical Data".

When that opens fill out the boxes for your country, the zip code you want to search, how far you want the search to extend, and in what manner you want the list to populate; list or map. You don't need to fill out the "Member of Role" question.

The trouble will be finding active members still on the forum. I'd start with "Supporting Members" since they're paying to be here. Another way to see who is active is to hover the cursor over their name and it will show you when they last visited the site. If it's been a while they may not be active. If they're an active member move the cursor into the open dialog box and select "Start Private Message" and you can send them an email. Use the back arrow to return to the list and reach out to the next member.

I did it for you using New Britain as the zip code and extending 100 miles all around: Connecticut Members If the blue link doesn't work just follow the instructions I posted.

Doing this taught me that the county I live in is bigger than the state of Connecticut.

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@Robert M wrote: "Doing this taught me that the county I live in is bigger than the state of Connecticut."


Here in little ol' New England, we can drive cross-state in 2 - 3 hours (under 45 minutes diagonally in Rhode Island, but you have to go over 3 big scary bridges and might have to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts for a Latte).  

In 2 - 3 hours, with traffic, YOU can't even get out of your neighborhood!  Where I am, I can be in Providence, RI in 30 minutes, Boston in 45 minutes and Nashua, NH in an hour.  2 hours to Brattleboro, VT, too!  If traffic is heavy, maybe double those times (except for Brattleboro - Nobody but Hippies want to go there these days).

Plus, it's a lot cooler here (although as I type this it's 90F with 70% humadidity, so maybe not so cool).  At least out on the "Sand Bar" where the Gallos live it's in the mid 70's (but the fog is wicked thick in the humadidity - A real "pea-souper").  


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